4 Colors You Should Wear to Boost Your Style

Over the last few weeks, I’ve sifted through thousands of Instagram photos and shots from the street style scene documenting outfits from fashion month and beyond. While I’ve observed plenty of new trends emerge, one of the most compelling has been all of the eye-catching colors. The most interesting thing about them? They’re far from traditional fall shades. Yes, there are plenty of fashion girls still wearing burgundy and browns—but the movement toward electric colors and pastels is especially interesting for this time of the year.

My natural inclination is to wear neutrals like black, tan, white, and the occasional red—but even I have been swayed to introduce more color into my wardrobe after spotting all of the stylish outfits centered around bold shades. I’ve caught myself googling “lime green By Far slingbacks” and “buttercream yellow Jacquemus blazer,” and I’m very ready to integrate these fresh colors into my very neutral wardrobe. Ahead, I’m breaking down the four major color groups all of the cool fashion girls are wearing right now that deserve a place in your wardrobe.


The best fall clothing colors: lime green



Fashion girls have been quick to adopt lime green into their wardrobes, but also celebs like Bella Hadid, who recently stepped out in By Far's croc slingbacks. Guess what's sitting in my shopping cart right now?


The best fall clothing colors: purple



Lavender has been big since the beginning of 2018. I expected it to slow down once we hit the fall months but it, but it's showing no signs of slowing down.


The best fall clothing colors: yellow



Get yourself some yellow—but not just any shade. Specifically, washed-out shades that we're seeing in collections from Jacquemus and The Row. These pastels have a cool retro quality to them.


The best fall clothing colors: saturated shades



Lastly, we've been seeing lots of saturated shades. This doesn't apply to one color specifically, but look for shades where the volume is turned up all the way.

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