25 Leggings That Are Comfortable Enough to Wear Literally All Day

Thought leggings couldn't get any more comfortable? Think again. Leggings are notorious for being the go-to casual basic, but if maximum comfort is what you are searching for, there is one key factor to consider while shopping for leggings. Most of your workout of performance leggings are made to support you, resist sweat, and stay in place. All of those things are great and all when you're in a gym or on a run, but when you're just sitting around at home all day, that kind of super-tight feeling isn't ideal. The trick? Make sure your leggings are made of at least 50% cotton.

Cotton leggings are a game-changer when it comes to at-home lounge attire. I don't know about you, but as I've begun to get more accustomed to my new at-home lifestyle, I've found that my normal workout leggings are actually pretty uncomfortable (hence why I've been living in sweats). However, intentionally purchasing cotton leggings versus spandex or polyester ones has enabled me to wear them literally all day long. Thanks to the soft cotton DNA of the leggings, I am left feeling like I'm wearing pajamas, and to be honest, that's the vibe these days. 

Ahead, shop the best 25 pairs of cotton leggings on the market and get ready for maximum comfort from this moment forward. 

A cozy legging look anyone can re-create. 

Do yourself a favor and get these in every color. 

According to the reviews, these are amazing. 

Buy the matching tank top and you've got yourself an outfit. 

Not your average cotton leggings, that's for sure. 

Perfect for lounging and exercising.  

This one is for all the expecting mothers out there. 

Proof leggings can be worn as "real" pants too.

Anything that's two for the price of one is always a good idea.

Looking forward to the day I can wear this outfit outside. 

One more pair of black leggings won't hurt. 

I'm convinced these will never go out of style. 

Wear these with a matching gray sweatshirt and you'll be wearing a full-blown look. 

I can see this outfit trending on TikTok soon. 

Buy these and be the champion of athleisure. 

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