The 19 Pieces That Got Me the Most Compliments in 2019

Trust Me—Buy This is a monthly series where our market editor, Nicole Eshaghpour, makes her favorite real-life fashion finds shoppable for Who What Wear readers.

After a long year of shopping, wearing things, and trying to convince you to trust me and buy things, 2019 is finally coming to an end. While I can honestly say I loved all the items I wore (and endorsed) over the course of the last 12 months, naturally, some had more of an impact than others—and, with that, garnered more compliments.

Okay, just what were they? With everything from shoes and bags to clothes and jewelry making the cut, I guess you could say it’s quite the range, and not just in terms of what type of items they are. From my favorite $56 sneakers to the investment coat I’m planning to wear for many winters to come, the price points are also a true high-low mix—right in line with my style.

So if you’re ready to see and shop my favorite fashion finds of the year, just keep reading.

Starting things off with the flattering tank I wore all spring and summer and this eye-catching Yuzefi bag. While this exact color of the bag is no longer available anymore, it was recently released in all-black, and I might even like it better than my own.

This blazer helped me look polished despite so many lazy days this year. It's also worth noting that I went one size up so that I could achieve an ever-so-slightly oversize look and continue to be able to wear it layered over sweaters in the colder months.

This might be one of my favorite outfits I wore all year. This Nanushka skirt is just so flattering and luxe-looking (despite being faux leather) and the Staud mules were not only lovely to look at, but they were also so comfortable. I can't believe they're 40% off and not sold out!

I think these boots speak for themselves, but I will say that they're especially perfect for NYC because of their lug soles and durable patent-leather material.

I tend to keep it pretty simple when buying designer bags, but when I saw this embellished Prada style a few months ago, I literally couldn't help myself from buying it instantly. I love how the jewels are green because it actually is so easy to match, and it's the perfect size for day or night. I've been using it nonstop ever since.

I will treasure this grandma-inspired Saks Potts coat until I am literally a grandma. It's just so fun and special, and while this exact style is now sold-out, their other coats all possess that same quality.

I'm extremely picky about jeans, so it was a pretty big deal with this Slvrlake pair became my new blue go-to.

Firstly, I cannot tell you how many times I've had to convince people that this blazer is, in fact, from Zara and not designer. Secondly, I have to give a major shout-out to these Agolde jeans I wore countless times this year.

This little green bag by Montunas is another on-sale item I urge you all to buy. It's literally a magnet for compliments and so easy to wear with anything.

Meet the perfect, non-boring black bikini top.

Meet the perfect, non-boring black bikini top.

These sunglasses basically have not left my face since I got them back in January. That's how much I love them.

I love a kitten heel, but I really love a black kitten heel that goes with everything and makes all your basic outfits just a little more interesting. Mine are velvet and now sold out, but they're still available in black leather, and I'd highly recommend buying them—especially because they're 50% off!

Even when I wore five other necklaces at the same time, this half-pearl, half-chain one seemed to be the one people commented on the most.

I desperately "needed" a leather trench and am pleased to say I found the perfect one for me. It's definitely an investment piece, but I plan to wear this for years and years to come thanks to the trend's classic nature.

I needed a pair of simple, white sneakers to wear with any outfit, and when I found these, I could tell they were just perfect—and that was before I even knew the price.

These pants are so cool and luxe-looking in person that even my super-picky mom bought them.

No need to stop indulging in animal prints.