The 16 Pieces That Got Me the Most Compliments in 2018

After a long year of shopping, wearing things, and trying to convince you to trust me and buy things, 2018 is finally coming to an end. While I can honestly say I loved all the things I wore (and endorsed) over the course of the last 12 months, naturally, some had more of an impact than others—and, with that, garnered more compliments.

Okay, just what were they? With everything from dresses to outerwear to shoes to jewelry, I guess you could say it’s quite the range, and not just in terms of what type of items they are. From my favorite $60 ring to the investment coat I’m planning to wear for many winters to come, the price points are also a true high-low mix—right in line with my style. So, if you’re ready to shop my favorite fashion finds of the year, just keep reading.

If you have a wedding coming up, you really should buy this dress. I can't even believe it's on sale and not sold out, but trust me—you should get it. 

I guess it's not surprising that people are always complimenting this giant, crystal, sparkly necklace, but I love hearing it anyway.

Hands down, best purchase of 2018 was this Musier cardigan.

Not only is this belt bag nice to look at, but it's so light and durable that I never have to worry about ruining it and sometimes forget it's even on. Perfect for travel especially.

No matter how much other jewelry I'm wearing, this little rainbow ring somehow is the only thing people notice and talk about. 

This blazer has saved my wardrobe. I never knew what a game changer owning the perfect polished black blazer was until I found one!

A real treat for the feet.

True story: I went into a coffee shop on the day this photo was taken, and when I placed my order, the barista said she'd only serve me after I told her where my fleece was from.

I wore this dress so much this year. It's perfect for layering or wearing alone and can hold up to any accessories you want to throw at it. 

The perfect sunglasses are hard to come by, but I'm pretty sure these are among the few that make the cut.

When people are complimenting your rain jacket of all things, you know it's a good one.

PSA: Hunter green goes with everything. If you're looking for a cool bag that's not black but is still easy to wear, this is 100% it. 

This photo is making me want to find these pants in my closet and plan 10 cool winter outfits around them.

Last but certainly not least is my big winter investment buy of the season. I thought a lot about this jacket before buying it and decided it was a smart buy because it's actually warm (crucial for NYC), not boring, but still a classic print that I'll love for years.