To Me, From Me: 43 Gifts I'd Buy Myself for the Holidays

You know what’s the test of a truly great gift? Whether or not you would want to buy it for yourself. Sure, it doesn’t work for all scenarios—I don’t want to buy myself golf clubs but that doesn’t mean my husband wouldn’t faint from happiness over them—but when shopping for a friend, sister, or sometimes colleague, it can help to put yourself in the receiver’s shoes much of the time. As you guessed, that’s what I did when putting together this very gift guide. Luckily, my job (literally) requires me to shop all day for a living, so there are always more-than-enough items on my wishlist to go around.  

Since sadly I can’t possibly buy everything you're about to see below without winning the lottery or holding up a bank, I thought I should definitely share what I’m eyeing, with hopes of at least narrowing it down for myself and maybe helping one of you find something in the process. Naturally, I couldn’t keep it below a cool 39 items, but trust me—you’re going to like what you see. Shop the best gifts for yourself or a loved one below!

I truly cannot think of a more thrilling use of $90.

If I dream about this enough do we think it might magically appear on my ear?

For anyone reading this, please but this for me.

If you're reading this, you deserve these faux fur slides.

Velvet and pearls is a combo too good to pass up.

An easy way to incorporate animal print into my usual jeans-and-ankle boots uniform.

Crisp pajama sets make lounging at home feel like you're in a hotel room.

Anyone who, like me, drinks coffee at their desk all day will enjoy this little luxury.

Protect your toiletries in one of the fifteen covetable colors this mini suitcase comes in.

The best thing about buying yourself clothing as a holiday gift is that you'll actually get the size right.

When coasters look like this, you don't have to awkwardly ask your guests to use them.

No one can say that this candle is boring.

I always loved this coat, but the new baige color has made me love it even more.

Decorative boxes are the key to making my apartment appear organized and tidy so there's always room for another. 

If you like getting compliments, then buying this bag is a no-brainer.

I love the asymmetrical nature of baroque pearl earrings.

Does anyone else have apres ski on their mind?

New York has officially turned me into someone who appreciates cashmere gloves.

Anything that combines satin and crystals is an automatic yes from me.

Naturally, I need this carry-on to match my Rimowa checked luggage.

The older I get the more of a thrill actually-printing photos gives me. And, these gallery-style frames can make even the most basic Instagram shot look like art.

Technically this is a men's t-shirt but I want it anyway.

Celeb-approved hoops at a normal people-approved price.

Sometimes, a jewelry box can be just as exciting as actual jewelry.

I have everything else I'd need to recreate this outfit, which means now I just have to buy the coat.

There's no such thing as too many cool sweatshirts.

Nothing says "treat yourself" like a cosmetic case that looks like a handbag.

Name one person who wouldn't want this...I'll wait.

No one needs a Bulgari Airpods holder but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be a treat to own.

This "kit" actually includes all the above plus two other pairs of underwear and two other bras. Prepare to overpack in the best way possible. 

What could be better than the gift of warmth?

I'll always have room for another ring on my fingers.

I'm not even much of a beanie person but this is too cute to skip.

I'm a sucker for anything you can customize, and this Airpod case is so chic.

Anine Bing's bralettes are an easy gift you know anyone is bound to love.

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