I Showed My 56-Year-Old Mom 33 It Bags—These Are Her Favorites

Chanel Houndstooth Bag Street Style


Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

We’re back, y’all! And by we I mean my mom and me with a new story all about bags. This time, I showed her a whopping 33 It bags and asked her to share her thoughts on her favorites. She also had a lot of feelings about her not-so-favorites, and while I won’t tell you which bags didn’t make her cut, for entertainment’s sake, I’ll tell you that she threw around such phrases as: “hate,” “looks cheap,” “looks like a big box,” and “don’t like at all.” So yeah, it was fun!

Back to the handbags she did like since, thankfully, there was still a lot to choose from (18 to be exact). From new twists on old classics like the above Chanel flap bag in houndstooth and Dior's matte-black update to relatively newer cult labels such as BY FAR and Nanushka, her picks were all across the spectrum, so I'm confident there's something for everyone below. To see, read about, and shop the mom-approved purses, just keep scrolling.

Fendi Baguette

"It's been around for so long. The baguette is classic but also practical. You can dress it up or down and wear it day or night."

Louis Vuitton Multi-Pochette Accessoires

She said, "I like this for younger people." As long as I'm included in that category, the answer is fine by me! 

Nanushka Lynne

"This is very modern. Nice embossed leather and I love the color."

Dior Lady Dior Ultra-Matte

"This is the best. Especially with the black hardware, I love it."

Victoria Beckham Powder Box

"This elegant and simple bag has a sophisticated look that I really like."

Staud Moon

"I like this bag. It has a modern yet simple and classic look."

Ratio et Motus Twin Frame Tote

"I can imagine this looking good on someone with more out-there and interesting style."

Paco Rabanne 1969

"I love this bag. It's fun, it has an expensive look, it adds to any outfit, and I love combinations of silver and gold."

Wandler Georgia

"I like this bag. It's a very fresh look but classic and wearable."

Bottega Veneta Cassette

All she said was "love," but I think that sums it up perfectly.

Elleme Raisin Leather Crossbody

"I do like this bag. It's plain but with a twist because of the contrast python. That makes it interesting."

BY FAR Mini Tote
Givenchy Nano Eden

"At first I couldn't decide, but I think I love this bag."

Burberry TB

"Very beautiful. It's classic, useful, and chic, so to me, it's worth the price."

Alexander Wang x Bulgari Belt Bag

"I love the shape, the leather, the hardware, and how useful it is." Same, Mom.

Chanel Houndstooth Flap Bag

"I love the tweed, color combo, and chain. A fresh look for this classic bag."