Meghan Markle's Makeup Artist Shares His Secret Weapon Against Pimples

Working in the beauty industry has afforded us Who What Wear beauty editors the distinct privilege of proximity to the best and brightest in the worlds of hair, makeup, skin, and nails. This access allows us to bring you, our beloved readers, the hottest of-the-moment beauty news, but another resource we love to tap for this purpose is beauty podcasts. From product reviews and recommendations to expert advice and trend commentary, these online audio-shows can be super informative and so much fun to listen to.

When Meghan Markle's makeup artist Daniel Martin recently spilled the tea on how he covers pimples during a recent appearance on beauty podcast Gloss Angeles, it re-affirmed to us that these digital talk shows are a bonafide goldmine of beauty advice, straight from the experts we all love to hear from. Not to mention, they make our soul-crushing commutes just a little less brutal.

Ahead, find our five favorite beauty podcasts, along with the best tips we've picked up from each. Don't forget to shop the selection of cult-favorite products hosts have recommended.

Los Angeles beauty editors Sara Tan and Kirbie Johnson host this pod, where they discuss all things beauty news, products, and the like. They may be the new kids on the beauty podcast block, but they bring with them years of industry experience, impeccable taste, and, of course, tons of knowledge to share.

Our favorite tip: Podcast guest Martin revealed on episode 4 his go-to cocktail for covering and treating pimples at the same time. "I mix cortisone gel and eye shadow primer to cover it up before I put concealer on top of it," he said. "The cortisone gel is like a barrier and protects the pimple. Then I'll lay eye shadow primer on top of it to smooth it out. Because it's so dry, it's kind of like a film."

Listen to Gloss Angeles here.

Hosts Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein are two beauty editors and self-proclaimed beauty junkies who spend their weekly episodes discussing the latest product news and their own beauty adventures, with lots of celebrity and expert guests in the mix.

Our favorite tip: On Episode 167, celebrity makeup artist Nam Vo dished on the pre-makeup skincare routine that helps her create her now-famous "glow porn" makeup look. "I will tone, I'll massage, like, three layers of oil on, and then I use the Beautyblender Blotterazzi," she explained. "I warm [oil] up like really, really warm and then press, press press into the face, then I use Blotterazzi to take off the excess."

Listen to Fat Mascara here.

Jackie Michele Johnson is a comedian and beauty lover who shares her love of vegan and cruelty-free beauty every week, alongside a healthy dose of laughter. She invites weekly guests, including everyone from actor friends to beauty icons, to chat all things makeup, skincare, and wellness. 

Our favorite tip: On a recent episode of the pod, New York–based beauty writer Rio Viera-Newton dropped a major gem about how she uses her favorite toner: "I decant it into a spray bottle and use it on flights a lot. Always decant." Genius.

Listen to Natch Beaut here.

Every week, comedy writers Esther Povitsky and Caroline Goldfarb take listeners along on their mission to glow up via discussion of all things makeup, skincare, health, and more. With special guests popping in to share their personal health and beauty rituals, there's always a fresh and funny take to consider

Our favorite tip: When Kiernan Shipka appeared on a recent episode, she shared the secret to her pristine glass skin. "The second that I switched over to Marie Veronique—did the retinol serum, did the face oils, coupled with the cleanser—that was it," she said.

Listen to Glowing Up here.

Listening to this podcast is like sipping a warm cup of tea. Instead of offering product reviews, host Brooke Devard invites various thought leaders on to serve us real, intellectual talks about self-care, wellness, and skincare. Instead of just recommending the best lotions and potions to buy, this pod encourages us to challenge the many facets of societal beauty standards that continue to bind feminine-identified beings in this world.

Our favorite tip: London-based editorial nail artist Sylvie Macmillan appeared on a recent episode to talk through the artistry of nail design and the properties of strong, healthy nails. "One of the things that makes your nail a lot stronger is the shape of it," she explained. "It's called the C curve—it's that curve that is on the end of your nail. On your index finger, it's often a lot flatter, and so that's why those ones always break first."

Listen to Naked Beauty here.

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