This Former Clubwear Staple Is Fall's Hero Item

For anyone who’s old enough to have had a “going-out” wardrobe in the early aughts, you’re very familiar with mesh clothing. Maybe you remember it paired with DayGlo colors and bandage skirts then, but today it’s taken on a whole new identity. In fact, when we spotted it on Bella Hadid, via a sheer turtleneck, the mesh trend had a much different vibe that it did in the club.

>While a see-through shirt will never loose its edge, the reason it’s so popular now is because of its versatility to be both daring—see Hadid’s styling under a denim matching set—or demure—layered under pinafore dresses or peeking from the neckline of a fuzzy sweater. Either way you prefer, we’ve decided to give our opaque and tissue-thin turtleneck tops that have ruled our fall wardrobe in the past a break in favorite of something even flimsier. And maybe ever more controversial

>See Bella Hadid’s iteration of the sheer turtleneck below, then shop other styles that you can pair with nearly anything in your wardrobe for a little (or a lot of) mesh in your ensemble.

What's your take on the mesh turtleneck with anything this fall? Weigh in, below.