Anna Wintour Told Taylor Swift Which Fashion Trend Should've Never Existed

Anna Wintour and Taylor Swift


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If you love Anna Wintour and Taylor Swift, you're in for a treat. In the latest edition of Vogue's video series Go Ask Anna, Swift took over and asked all of the questions herself. But it wasn't just a random thing—at the end of the video, Swift announced that she landed the coveted September issue cover, which is perfectly timed with her soon-to-be-released album, Lover.

Swift's questions for Wintour ran the gamut from the highest compliment she could pay someone to what character she'd play in Cats, but the one fashion-related question was a good one. Swift asked what trend from the last couple of years she wishes never existed. Wintour responded that after just being in Paris for the couture shows, she had seen "far too many neon leopard-print leggings, something that I would definitely not want to see again." Can't argue with that. Take note for the upcoming fashion month, folks.

Scroll on to watch the highly entertaining video and see photos from Swift's '70s-inspired shoot, and read the accompanying interview here.

Video: Vogue

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