Taylor Swift's Latest Magazine Cover Is So ME!

Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards 2019



Given her status as one of the most calculated pop stars of this century, Taylor Swift’s big machine of media manipulation is as easy to fault as it is to absolutely worship and revere. Given my status as a certified master of popular culture (thank you, NYU), I tend to fall into the latter camp. Which is why, out of the chorus of Who What Wear editors who obsess over fashion on a daily basis, when asked if anyone had any feelings about her latest cover, I was the solo voice proclaiming, “ME!”

You see, in addition to being a longtime admirer of Taylor Swift’s musical talent and A-list reputation, I’m also a true believer in the fact that some things never go out of style. Case in point, her summery take on the Canadian tuxedo paired with excessive pink-tipped hair. Truth be told, I wore this exact outfit on the regular as a high school sophomore in 2003 (hey, it was easy to be fearless at 15!), and I was responsible for the addition of “no unnatural hair colors” to our dress code guidelines the following year. (Needless to say, our principal reprimanded me with a, “Look what you made me do.”)

Diehard Swifties know all too well that there is meaning behind each of the carefully selected 29 pins (13 on the right, 16 on the left) that adorn her jacket. Entertainment Weekly is ready for it, calling out the breakdown of each Easter egg in a cover line on its special double issue, which features one of the first interviews Taylor Swift has done in ages. However, to find out the full styling credits for her cover look, we went straight to her longtime stylist Joseph Cassell’s Instagram.

Obviously, her denim Gucci jacket is something out of my wildest dreams in 2003, and her jean shorts by Nobody Denim and accessories by Alison Lou, KatKim, Erin Ess Jewelry, and EF Collection are more in line with my more delicate style sensibilities in 2019. Either way, I love Taylor’s pink hair tips (cut, highlighted, styled, and dip-dyed by Riawna), which brings me back to December of my sophomore year.

Below, shop some of Who What Wear’s favorite denim jackets, jean shorts, and accessories—including a pin or two, and keep your eyes open for even more gorgeous Taylor moments to come as we await the release of her next album to fill the blank space in our summer 2019 playlist.

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