Amal Clooney Never Wears These 9 Items

We can all probably agree that while Amal Clooney's work as a highly accomplished international human rights lawyer is most important, her exciting sense of style is another topic the world can't resist talking about. Something we admire most about her fashion choices is her willingness to try bold trends during her off-duty hours. Her professional looks are always polished and appropriate, but she even manages to have fun with her wardrobe while she's on duty, often via color and accessories. She's clearly a fashion girl through and through, which explains the world's current attentiveness to everything she wears, especially now that she's expecting twins with husband George Clooney.

While there are quite a few things Clooney does wear (at least once), we've been keeping tabs on the items and trends she almost never touches. It's always interesting to see what celebrities with the world of fashion at their fingertips choose to avoid and why—and what they wear instead. Want to join us as we take a thorough look into Clooney's wardrobe, just as we recently did with Olivia Palermo?

Read on to find out what the nine things are that Amal Clooney never wears, and shop what she's wearing instead!