This Is How Gucci Earned Its Cult Following

It's no secret that everyone in the fashion world is obsessed with Gucci right now. So why has the brand been so successful under creative director Alessandro Michele? The designer chatted with Porter magazine about his new direction. 

“In recent years, fashion has taken itself as inspiration, and it has been stimulated only by itself," Michele told Porter about fashion's evolution. "We decided that fashion was something slick, perfect, symmetric, but now people feel the desire to express their individuality and they don’t want to fit the mold anymore.”

And that's where the revamped Gucci comes in—the brand speaks to people's desire to be truly unique. Michele has been so successful because he's created clothes that "give you the freedom to choose who you are" and express yourself. His fanciful designs are anything but cookie-cutter: “This Gucci is eccentric, colorful, romantic and languid,” Michele said. 

Scroll down to see Michele and four of his muses in Porter's summer issue, and shop Gucci for yourself!

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