Whenever Someone Asks Me What Perfume I'm Wearing, It's Almost Always This Brand



Not to toot my own horn but over the years, I've developed a sort-of knack when it comes to perfume-induced compliment quotients. It's part of my job to test practically every new fragrance that lands on the market, and anyone close to me in life can attest that my office desk, bathroom vanity, and dresser are so completely congested with bottles and nozzles that you can't even spot land. (Literally, you would need a compass and treasure map to find an open space.)

Of course, I have personal favorites and signatures I'm especially partial to, but most days, I'm experimenting with a completely new scent. And trust me. When you're getting around that much in the scent circuit, you start to notice patterns and coincidences when you wear certain brands or scent families. For instance, when I wore a different perfume every single day for a month, the vanilla-spiked fragrances earned me the most admirable comments and exclamations like, "Oh my God, what are you wearing?!" I've also noticed that every single time I wear perfume from legendary Italian brand Gucci, I get compliments as well. (Compliments, of course, aren't everything. If I love a perfume, I'll wear it regardless of what anyone else thinks, but there is something special about smelling just damn enchanting, am I right?)

Since I've been getting lots of questions about my favorite Gucci perfumes lately, I put together a star-studded list featuring 10 of the brand's standout perfumes. After rating my own favorites and taking into account the reviews and ratings at top retailers, I feel pretty confident saying these are the all-time-best Gucci perfumes ever made. Keep scrolling and pick your poison. 

#10: The Alchemist's Garden Tears of Iris Eau de Parfum

Key notes: iris, sandalwood, angelica seed, musk

Although Gucci's apothecary-modeled line of fragrances (aptly called The Alchemist's Garden) isn't as well known as more commercially familiar scents (think Gucci Guilty, Gucci Bloom, etc.), each bottle is absolutely precious in its inspiration and memorability. A feast for thirsty senses, Tears of Iris is stunning, capitalizing on its namesake delicate flower, which, the brand explains, is one of the most ancient ingredients in perfume history.

Customer review: "This iris fragrance strikes just the right balance between fresh dewiness and powdery woodiness-it creates a soft cloud that stays with you throughout the day—it just entered my 'best iris' list."

#9: The Alchemist's Garden A Chant for the Nymph Eau de Parfum

Key notes: frangipani flower, ylang-ylang, tiare flower, vanilla

Meet the latest haute installment within The Alchemist's Garden family, A Chant for the Nymph. Delicate yet intricate, the earthy push and pull between flowers and vanilla creates a mystical finish modeled for, unsurprisingly, the story of a mythical nymph who appears in a long-forgotten summer night dream (Gucci's words not mine). Essentially, this perfume is a fairytale, bottled.

Customer review: "Ooof so good. So floral and clean. It’s amazing. I get so many compliments when I’m wearing this perfume! I 100% recommend to anyone who wants to smell amazing."

#8: The Alchemist's Garden A Song for the Rose Eau de Parfum

Key notes: Bulgarian rose, sweet musk, woods

Spoiler: This isn't your average rose perfume. It's the most bewitching version of the classic floral you can imagine. The purest form of Bulgarian rose is juxtaposed with smooth, slightly sweet lingerings from musk and woods. Its earthiness is brilliant and sure to take any rose perfume lover's breath away.

Customer review: "A rose will always be a rose. But this Gucci rose is provocative and yet some how the scent is deliberately secretive. If that is even possible. Just pleasure to wear."

#7: Bamboo Eau de Toilette

Key notes: Italian bergamot, mandarin essence, Casablanca lily, sandalwood, amber accord

Classic, elegant, and sophisticated, Bamboo is a timeless Gucci signature. We (and the masses) love how fresh and floral notes of bergamot and lily play against warm and cozy additions such as amber and sandalwood.

Customer review: "I love how fresh this scent is. It's not too heavy but will stay with you all day. It's not unusual to have someone stop me to ask what scent I'm wearing when I have Bamboo on."

#6: Guilty Love Pour Femme Eau de Parfum

Key notes: mandora, lilac, pink pepper, patchouli accord, bergamot, violet, jasmine sambac, musks, amber

With its vintage inspiration and evolving scent (the notes truly unfold one by one with delicious complexity), it's no surprise this is one of the best Gucci perfumes of all time. First, you'll be hit with ripe green notes from fresh-picked mandora, violet, and spicy pink pepper. Then, the perfume's hero note, lilac, is strategically enhanced with smooth bergamot. To finish, you get classic hints of patchouli and an amber anchor.

Customer review: "I experienced a warm floral citrus wonderland. This is a showstopper yet delicate and elegant fragrance. I love the long lasting scent and endless compliments."

#5: Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori Eau de Parfum Intense

Key notes: jasmine bud, Rangoon creeper, damask rose, tuberose, orris

Sorry, but I don't know any other way to describe this best-selling Gucci perfume other than rich, velvety, decadent, and positively drippy with rare, beautiful florals. You will definitely recognize the OG Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum at its heart, but think of this bottle as a slightly deeper, X-rated version.

Customer review: "Intoxicating. Sophisticated. Original Bloom had been my everyday fragrance and this is now my nighttime perfume."

#4: Bloom Eau de Parfum

Key notes: Rangoon creeper, jasmine bud, tuberose

If you're looking for something with a similar incantation as the above but want to take the richness down a notch, there's no better option than this beloved fan favorite. Gucci Bloom is iconic, and it's become one of my personal all-time-favorite floral confections. It's classic and perfect for any day or occasion. 

Customer review: "I’m very picky when it comes to scents and find florals/overly sweet perfumes annoying and 'young.' This floral scent is sexy and sophisticated without smelling too mature or overbearing. It’s the perfect balance!"

#3: Mémoire d'une Odeur Eau de Parfum

Key notes: Roman chamomile, coral jasmine, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, cedarwood

Earthy, woody, and slightly herbaceous, it's no wonder this delicious perfume has earned its name as one of Gucci's all-time-best scents (even though it's still, relatively, one of the newest kids on the Gucci block). Between Roman chamomile, coral jasmine, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, and cedarwood, we'd venture to say it's also one of the brand's most interesting (in a great way) debuts. Oh, and if you weren't already sold, Harry Styles is the face of this universally loved perfume.

Customer review: "Get this perfume for yourself and for all the women you love in your life. It is magical. So light and airy and beautiful. Not overpowering - just perfect."

#2: Guilty Eau de Toilette

Key notes: geranium, pink pepper, lilac, peach, amber, patchouli

Gucci Guilty is one of those iconic scents people will adore and love (probably) forever. Sleek, shiny, and fantastically magnetic, it's unlike anything you've smelled before—we promise. Unlike most perfumes in the market, Gucci Guilty revolves around the signature fougère accord of geranium, which is usually found in men’s cologne. So the unlikely additions of lilac and amber create a light, practically fizzy finish that's inarguably floral but slightly electrified.

Customer review: "Gucci Guilty is a lovely, sensual, warm scent. It's on the sheerer side and it's the perfect fruity floral for Fall and Winter months. Since it's a sheer eau de toilet I purchased the fragrance in a gift set with the lotion which provides long lasting power. "

#1: Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Toilette

Key notes: red berries, pear, white gardenia

Gardenia is a notoriously "love it or hate it" scent when it comes to fragrance, so the fact that the controversial flower is at the heart of this best-of-the-best hit speaks volumes. Enigmatic and perfectly balanced between fruity and floral, this is a can't-miss fragrance option for you or anyone you're gifting. Each and every spritz feels like a psychological reset and/or a lush, dreamy escape to some faraway field in Italy. 

Customer review: "Very soft, feminine and delicate. I usually wear this for special occasions and always get compliments of how nice the scent is on me!"

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