6 Affordable Shoe Trends That Will Define Winter 2018



And now for my favorite topic to write about, shop for, and generally get inspired by: shoes. This time of year is synonymous with boots as they're easily the most popular shoe style. From '80s-inspired slouchy boots to the practical-chic hiking boots, there are so many stylish boot trends to choose from at the moment. But they're not the only shoe trends to know about this winter. Updated sneaker styles for the hypebae in you and glam holiday heels to feed your inner party girl are also on offer.

Before you send yourself into a shoe shopping–induced wormhole, take a moment to breathe because we took all the best shoe trends on the internet right now and boiled them down to the 18 best styles categorized by the top 6 trends of the season. You thought that was it? Nope, we also went ahead and fixated our price point at everything under $200, so we really mean it when we say you'll be freaking out over the following must-have styles.

Scroll down to discover the trends and shop the styles you love. The only struggle you'll have? Deciding which shoe(s) to add to cart.