Calling It: Timberlands Are About to Be Everywhere This Spring

When it comes to fashion nostalgia, few brands can rival our affinity for our Timberlands. If you recall, the New England-based brand was initially known for its iconic yellow work boots, which were introduced back in 1973. But as anyone who was around in the ’90s will remember, the boots eventually took on a whole new life as a street style staple for American hip-hop artists, becoming an international symbol of the Americana look.  

Twenty years later, fashion’s ’90s revival is in full force, with It girls everywhere embracing chokers, puffer jackets, and, yes, trusty Timberland boots. These days, however, the brand has given its classic work boots a modern update, offering up new silhouettes (think sneaker boots and chunky heels) that all incorporate elements from the originals. The result? Comfortable shoes with no shortage of style.

Just ask bloggers Cori Robinson (Dress Corilynn), Erica Lavelanet (Fashion Philosophy), and Meggan Morehead (Somewhere Lately), all of whom have adopted the new Timberlands into their spring wardrobes. “I’ve had Timberland boots since I was in elementary school,” Lavelanet says. “While I’m an eternal fan of the classic boots, I’ve also come to appreciate the new styles and color palettes.” 

Ready to try a pair of the new Timberlands for yourself? We enlisted the three fashion bloggers for styling tips ahead that’ll get you through anything this spring. These new kicks are as sturdy and stylish as the first. 

Do you love the new Timberlands as much as the originals? Tell us!