Rihanna Apparently Had More Fun Than Anyone At The World Cup

PHOTO: Photo: Twitter.com/Rihanna

1. Of all the people who attended the World Cup or watched it on television, Rihanna probably had the most fun of anyone. [Twitter]

2. Amazon is offiicially testing their drone delivery system. Look out below! [Racked]

3. Are your locks falling flat in the summer heat? Here are six easy tips to make it full and pretty again. [Byrdie]

4. New York magazine followed Solange around for four days, taking pictures. Talk about a dream job. [Vulture]

5.  Not only do the French dress better, they also decorate their homes better. Here are some trés chic rooms you'll totally envy. [Domaine]

6. What? Kim Karadashian and Kanye West are selling their Bel Air mansion before they even move in. [Elle Decor]

7. Cara Delevingne lip synchs to a Jennifer Lopez song in this genius video for Love magazine. [Love]

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