15 Flats That Are Just as Fancy as Heels

Bobby Schuessler

Collage Vintage

If there’s one night not to wear heels, it’s New Year’s Eve. Right? Think about it. Chances are you’ll spend the majority of the night dancing away until the ball drops, so why risk the pain in heels? Plus, the flats offering is so stylish right now and totally rivals that beautiful heels market. 

Trust us, no matter what your dress code, the selection of fancy flats ahead is definitely up to par. Whether you're in the mood for sequins, satin, or glitter, we can promise you that you'll fall in love with at least one pair of shoes ahead. As you enter the New Year, do it in absolute comfort and style. Now, are you ready to shop the flats that are beyond perfect for New Year's Eve? 

Keep scrolling to shop 15 of our favorite comfy shoes for NYE!

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