I Found the 7 Coolest Outfits to Wear for New Year's Eve

If you like fashion, I'm sure you absolutely love New Year's Eve. The outfit that you wear to celebrate the end of a fabulous year and ring in yet another one is so much fun to put together. It's the opportunity for everything kitschy and fun that you probably wouldn't wear on a normal night out. Feathers, sequins, metallic, and more should be adorning your body on this special evening.

I've spent the entire day fantasizing about my New Year's Eve plans, and I've decided to channel that energy into a roundup of outfits that I'd just be so excited to wear. Whether you plan to turn this into an elevated night in or are attending a huge party, you'll find the right outfit for you in my mini Pinterest board below.



If you love putting together pieces you already own, then this is the look for you. A classic blazer-dress that you can wear on repeat is ready for the holiday when you add metallic accessories.



If this is the one night a year you show some skin, I dare you to go all out with a sheer top. It pairs so well with dressy trousers and an It-girl accessory.

I'm all about being as cozy as possible, so if you're not ready to take a break from your collection of oversize sweaters, I don't blame you. Dress it up with a glitzy bag, and your look is complete.

Now this is my kind of New Year's Eve outfit. I operate under the rule that "more is more" and would love to be found on the dance floor wearing sequins, embellishments, and feathers all in one look.

This is an outfit I already wore to test out my holiday-season wardrobe, and it was perfect for the occasion. Tulle nods to the ballerinacore trend that's going on, and glitzy accessories are always a good idea.



This look is so effortless. You simply can't go wrong with it. Take your typical uniform of a button-down shirt and jeans but simply add metallics before you head out the door.

Haven't you heard? Going pants-less is such a vibe right now. This look makes a trend that seems a little bit try-hard so effortlessly chic. I need to copy it ASAP.