Zoë Kravitz's Style Is the Holy Grail, so I Copied Her Outfits for a Week


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Copy and Paste is a monthly column where associate editor Sierra Mayhew spends a week adopting the personal style of an It girl. Whether it's a street style or runway moment, you can count on every outfit being a wearable rendition of an iconic look.

If you've read our articles over here at Who What Wear, you might have noticed that we have a thing for elevated wardrobe staples. That's why all of us have Zoë Kravitz near the top of our lists of fashion icons we look up to. Although the woman can have it all, she skips over trendy and flashy fashion buys and opts for a closet filled with forever pieces that just will never go out of style. 

Before I even began planning the next installment of my Copy and Paste series, I knew Kravitz would be a person I'd like to spotlight. The key to good style is being able to wear the same thing over and over again and still be able to make it feel fresh, and she's mastered that. Below, find the four outfits that I had to copy after seeing them on Zoë Kravitz.


Wearing nothing but a trench coat is the ultimate It-girl outfit choice. I felt daring when I stepped out in a jacket that I had styled as a dress but quickly realized how cool I looked. This outfit is giving off The Matrix vibes, and I'm here for it. I plan to wear it again for a night out.

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This is an outfit that I was nervous to put together. The shade of brown that I found in my maxi skirt wasn't quite the same as what Kravitz was wearing, and when the pieces first arrived, I was a bit worried that they might not match as well as they did in her look. As soon as I put the outfit together, I was so impressed by how chic my final outfit was. This is definitely not a look I would've tried if it weren't for Kravitz, so I'm grateful that I stumbled across this paparazzi moment.

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I'll never forget the moment I saw Kravitz looking exceptionally busy while wearing nothing but jeans and a turtleneck. Somehow, the simplest of things look so put-together when they're styled the right way. Gold jewelry, oval sunglasses, and a logo tote make for great accessories.

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When it comes to red carpet looks, Kravitz has proved that less is more. When surrounded by colleagues who are dusted in sequins and big tulle skirts, she always opts for something more low-key that ends up looking very put-together. If you want to get her look for a formal affair, try wearing a black maxi dress with interesting cutouts.

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