I Never Stop Stalking Bella Hadid's Outfits, so I Copied Her Looks for a Week

Copy and Paste is a monthly column where Associate Fashion Editor Sierra Mayhew spends a week adopting the personal style of an it-girl. Whether it’s a street style or runway moment, you can count on every outfit being a wearable rendition of an iconic look.

If you haven't noticed, Bella Hadid's style has transformed in the past few years. Her once extremely curated wardrobe led her to only step outside in polished head-to-toe looks but things have changed. Hadid's style now can only be described as an artfully arranged melting pot of pieces that hold all sorts of characteristics. She has come to define the style of the New York City fashion set with her grungy meets preppy attire in all of the right ways. This welcomed change can be attributed to the fact that she has said goodbye to her team of stylists that once dressed her for any moment she stepped outside and taken matters into her own hands. With years of experience working with the industry's most talented designers, stylists, and editors she's definitely excelled at dressing for the street style moments we've always loved her for.

This isn't my first experience copying a celebrities style, but it proved to be quite the challenge. Hadid sources many vintage and archival designer pieces and combines a lot of unexpected elements to create her iconic looks. Your average Bella Hadid look can't be purchased from your favorite retailer and requires a lot of creativity to recreate. That didn't stop me from putting my own spin on the looks we know and love her for. 

It comes as quite a surprise when we see Bella Hadid combine the most unexpected pieces together, recreating this outfit was not for the light of heart. I interviewed several jackets before I chose the right one for the position. I think Hadid would approve of an oversize blazer.

Shop the look:

You're going to want to have this one in your hands come fall.

Bella Hadid has worn these earrings nearly every day this summer.

Low-rise mini skirts have the Hadid stamp of approval.

If you're wondering what her favorite pair of sunglasses is, meet the rectangular wire frame.

As I mentioned, Hadid has a love for vintage designer pieces so using a bag rental service like Vivrelle is a great way to wear more of them.

This is the matching set that beats all matching sets I've ever seen. I'd be willing to pay up to have this look for myself but, of course, it's vintage Prada and nowhere to be found. Luckily there are plenty of similar sets to choose from and I found my own.

Shop the look:

The sporty material matches Hadid's vintage set.

We love a good bralette and this one comes with a chic top you can wear on top.

These shorts are my next excuse for a workout

Hadid is known for her sneaker collection but that's never been my thing so I added my own personal style to this look with a classic stiletto.


The Image Direct, @_sierramayhew

Any model off-duty is required to wear cargo pants and a cropped tank so it makes sense that we find Bella Hadid in this look. It was easily the outfit I was most excited to copy.

Shop the look:

A strappy sandal for me because again I'm not ready for sneakers yet.

Of course, Bella Hadid could make a tee shirt and jeans look chic af. I tried my best to follow suit with the baggy jeans and tank combo, it's simply too hot for a tee in this weather. One thing you might notice about Bella is lately every shirt she owns seems to grace just below her belly button so keep that in mind if you're wondering what the optimum length may be.

Get the look:

With pants as baggy as mine, the belt was much needed.

Styling tip, go up a size or two if you want Hadid's baggy look.

This moment might have sold me on backpacks. How functional!

Shop more pieces I have a feeling Bella Hadid already has in her shopping cart:

She's been spotted in this tank dozens of times.

I just know she'd approve of this purchase.