Zendaya Used These 6 Drugstore Beauty Products to Create Her Met Gala Hairstyle

Zendaya at the Met Gala, May 6, 2019



If you've been anywhere near a TV, movie, or runway lately, you know 22-year-old former Disney channel star, Zendaya, is a triple (quadruple?) threat. The actor/singer/dancer and radiant beauty has had her hands in an array of projects lately. From her captivating role as a trapeze artist in The Greatest Showman to the Zendaya x Tommy collab for Tommy Hilfiger's S/S 19 runway collection and the upcoming HBO series Euphoria, Zendaya's already bright star is even more on the rise. Which, of course, is why we were elated to have the opportunity to get the inside scoop on her fairytale-inspired hairstyle for tonight's Met Gala.

She's known for having fun with fashion and her chameleon-like hair and makeup looks, so it's no surprise that Zendaya aced this year's camp theme in true Disney princess fashion. Teaming up again with her longtime hairstylist, Ursula Stephen, and image architect, Law Roach, Zendaya's head-to-toe supercharged Cinderella look by Tommy Hilfiger fit in (or should we say, stood out!) perfectly on the pink carpet of the Met steps.

When asked how this dynamic duo of fairy godmothers helps to prepare Zendaya for a major event, Ursula noted, "With Zendaya, fashion really leads the way! The hairstyle is usually based on what she’s planning on wearing on the red carpet." She went on further to explain that Law's idea for the full look usually includes hair, so it's really a team effort to bring that vision to life. We've gotta say: This electrified homage to one of Disney's original ingénues is proof that Zendaya and her team always give 110%.

Zendaya and Law Roach attend The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 06, 2019 in New York City.



While last year's Joan of Arc–themed ensemble included a blunt bob and mini bangs (a favorite of Ursula's), this year's inspo was a literal translation of the Met Gala's over-the-top theme, which encouraged Ursula and her team to push the envelope even more than usual. She explains, "Given this year's Costume Institute exhibit, 'Camp: Notes on Fashion,' we really tried to step outside of the boundaries of what society typically expects. So, with that said, this year's inspiration is something we're all very familiar with—Cinderella!" 

Even more remarkable is that Ursula achieved this voluminous bouffant using six drugstore products, including hairspray, dry shampoo, and super-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner formulated especially for natural hair. 

Read on below for the step-by-step how-to, plus the totally affordable products used to achieve Zendaya's truly enchanting Met Gala hairstyle. 


Courtesy of Unilever Hair Expert Ursula Stephen


Courtesy of Unilever Hair Expert Ursula Stephen

First, she shampooed and conditioned an amazing blonde hairpiece from HairSoFab with Suave Professionals shampoo and conditioner for natural hair. After the hairpiece was properly cleansed, she added Love Beauty and Planet Hair Milk, a heat protectant, before drying it. Once it was dry, Ursula curled large sections of Zendaya's natural hair and then applied Dove Care dry shampoo to create volume before brushing it out with a Tangle Teezer detangling brush.

To build the French twist, Ursula teased Zendaya's hair at the root and brushed it into the twist, securing with bobby pins. Once the twist was where they wanted it, Ursula pulled out Zendaya's natural bang a bit and played with it to frame her face perfectly. Ursula locked the look in place with TRESemmé hairspray before adding Zendaya's headband and sending her off to the ball. Magical! 

Ursula always carries the TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray Hold for curls and the companion Unscented Extra Hold Hair Spray in her styling kit. 

This hairspray duo is also great for touch-ups, so Ursula and her team are always sure to have it on the go to give Zendaya a final spritz before she hits the red carpet.

Ursula says she absolutely loves Dove’s new dry shampoo, which does double duty as a styling product, adding volume while keeping hair light, free and movable. 

This hair milk can be used on any style or texture of hair and provides a great prep and prime solution before using hot tools.

Bonus: This brand is also cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, dye-free, alcohol-free, and formulated without phthalates.

Of course, as the go-to expert for stars with curly, natural, or otherwise textured hair, Ursula's recommendation of this combo of shampoo and conditioner is one we can trust.

In addition to working with Zendaya, Ursula Stephen's clients include Rihanna, Kerry Washington, and Laverne Cox. If these drugstore products are good enough for them, we're ready to buy in bulk! 

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