19 Beauty Items Stylists Would Buy at CVS vs. 20 They'd Buy at Sephora

So you've found your way to another splurge versus save beauty roundup. But this one is different. Instead of pitting drugstore and luxury products against each other or coming up with a list of dupes, this time we wanted to see what would happen if we (hypothetically) sent eight of our favorite fashion, makeup, and hairstylists into a CVS and then into a Sephora and told them they could buy whatever they wanted. The result is this list of 41 products.

Here we have the holy-grail makeup, skincare, hair care, and other miscellaneous items Hollywood's go-to fashion and beauty gurus shop at two wildly different retailers. Keep scrolling to see their beauty secret weapons, from $5 eyeliners to $88 facial peels, and everything in between. 

"This a product my entire family uses. An amazing detangler for myself and the kids. Smells like a tropical vacation."

"It's two masks in one, so you can personalize to your own skin type or needs. It gives you actual results at an affordable price."

"I live for bedtime baths, and these Epsom salts are so soothing and help me relax after a long day. Best to soak at least twice a week."

"I wear this every day. It gives me an even skin tone and glow. Also, I love the SPF 30 protection."

"This is my go-to lip stain. Perfect for those beach/poolside vacations. Plus, the SPF protection is a bonus."

"I am obsessed with this company! Love their products and packaging. After a long day at work the body oil and lotion relax my muscles and I instantly feel better. Do not underestimate the benefits of CBD—life-changing!"

"I’m a big fan of the Cetaphil facial wash. It’s great for all skin types, from sensitive to reactive to dry. I never break out from this." 

"I have curly, unruly hair, and it’s the one brand I use that smooths my hair without breaking it."

"For those tired nights when you want to wash your face but are too tired to do so. These cleanse thoroughly without drying, giving you the results that otherwise you wouldn't have."

"A great quick fix for breakouts!"

"Amazing for balancing skin after cleansing and before moisturizing, thus avoiding breakouts for reactive skin."

"Perfect for spot coverage for men. Light and allows the skin to shine through."

"I love the easy glide and staying power of these pencils. I use the nude pencil for brightening and canceling redness in the waterline!"

"I use this mascara personally and regularly on my clients. I love the inky black color and the soft buildable formula that never clumps!"

"These are just enough color without being too harsh and they aren’t drying like many matte formulas. I love giving these to clients for touchups on the carpet because they are an easy-to-apply crayon."

"I use this concealer personally because it works wonders for my hereditary dark circles."

"I am obsessed with these eyeliners and have almost every color in my work kit. They are a creamy and long-wearing dream that can also be blended out as a shadow on the lid before they set. I also love the fun color options they come in!"

"Tata Harper is an amazing all-natural line that is also complete luxury. This oil adds and instant glow to the skin. A trick of mine is to put a couple of drops into foundation to sheer it out and add an extra-dewy finish."

"These are my go-to concealers in my kit. They are creamy and lightweight with great light-reflecting and buildable coverage!"

"The Holy Grail primer, anti-shine product, sunscreen, and anti-ager all in one."

"Gives volume, length, and definition. Doesn’t crumble, stays put."

"Effective, great scent, and leaves the body glowing but not sticky. "

"Avoid powder buildup with these luxurious papers. Shine away, glow to stay."

"A universal pink, this color looks amazing on pretty much any skin tone."

"I have yet to jump on the spray tan bandwagon, but this lotion does the trick when my tan fades in the winter months. It's so subtle but really works if you use it consistently. And a little firming doesn't hurt!"

"These eye shadows are incredibly pigmented and really hold. They are the epitome of bang for your buck, and they come in a full spectrum of colors."

"This is my favorite foundation. My skin tends to get shiny, but this has a matte finish and buildable coverage. I use it on myself and all of my clients!"

"These have changed my life, and I am not being dramatic. I struggle with hormonal acne and these pads have made the biggest difference.  They are very intense, so I always recommend to start with every couple of nights and work your way up to every night."

"I use this serum every morning before sunscreen.  It helps to brighten, firm, and even skin tone, as well as protect from free radicals. It's amazing."

"These look so natural and can be used for so many occasions: bridal, special event, and especially on camera."

"A full coverage concealer that will cover anything and, if used right, will look natural and beautiful."

"Such an intense glamour mascara that is bold but doesn't allow lazy clumps and squared edges. So fierce!"

"Doesn't leave a white cast and never makes foundation crack or separate."

"I constantly have a supply of these as they help relieve eye redness, and they act fast."

"I love to have these in my kit. They come in handy not only for myself but the talent as well to keep their smile food particle–free."

"This comes in handy when the client wants the body to have a bit more glow than a regular lotion will give. Be careful though—a little goes a long way."

"This might be one of the most versatile products in my kit. It’s easy to build color or sheer out."

"A dampened Beautyblender helps to blend foundation and concealer to look like skin. It will also help blend blush or bronzer to appear more skin-like."

"I love the texture and colors."

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