Here's Why I'm Buying Workout Clothes in Outfits

Okay, so here’s the thing—I love to work out, and in theory, I love workout clothes. But in reality, I’ve always had a dresser drawer stuffed with pieces I never wear. And I think I’ve figured out the reason. Over the years, I’ve collected an assortment of activewear items, but many of them don’t go together. Sure, I’ve got a great pair of high-waisted leggings, some cute tops, and a warm-up jacket I love, but none of them add up to one cool outfit.

So lately, instead of collecting one-off pieces, I decided to buy my workout clothes in outfits—and I’m never turning back. It all started when one of our Who What Wear editors talked about how much easier her morning gym sessions were when she reduced the size of her workout wardrobe. Instead of endless options, she instead had a curated collection of pieces that made dressing for an early boxing class pretty mindless—but also stylish. Intrigued by the approach, I decided to streamline my workout clothes, making sure I would have a few great outfits to choose from instead of a random assortment.

I tested the theory with some pieces from JoyLab, including a netted crop top and a pair of high-waisted leggings, which are flattering, cool, and perfect for pretty much every workout. And I have to admit that it has made getting dressed for early morning yoga classes so much easier. Instead of shuffling through my dresser at 6 a.m. in a pre-coffee haze, I know exactly what to wear and can quickly head out the door. Read on to shop my new go-to workout outfit.

Now, I’m never turning back and will be buying all my workout clothes as outfits.