I Have L.A. Style—These Are the 4 Trends I'm Trying This Spring

The biggest Los Angeles spring 2020 trends



Growing up in Los Angeles comes with its own unique set of perks: endless sunshine, beautiful beaches, and a generally laid-back approach to life. That relaxed attitude ends up translating into every aspect of my life, fashion choices not excluded. Now, for a fashion girl like myself, sometimes that has a somewhat negative effect in that I find myself not wanting to participate in any trend that feels too difficult or contrived. Even if it's the buzziest new trend in the fashion world, I just can't bring myself to do it if it feels fussy. Instead, I tend to opt for trends that feel effortless and relaxed (because realistically I'm wearing most of them with jeans anyway). From the chic suiting trend that can be dressed up or down with a simple shoe swap to the retro top that was basically made for denim, below I'm outlining the four spring trends L.A. girls, including me, will be wearing. 


The biggest L.A. spring fashion trends



Suiting has been a major trend for a few seasons now, and it's only going to get bigger for spring 2020. I'm partial to the skirt suit myself for the warmer days ahead, but a good suit set makes you feel instantly put together and powerful—whether it's for a board meeting or a weekend brunch. You can also show off your personality with a fun color or bold print. It's really the perfect two-piece outfit combo for any season. 


Designers across the board sent models down the spring runways wearing cool lingerie-inspired pieces I immediately knew I'd be itching to wear. From tops with corset detailing to slip dresses that resemble nightgowns, this is one of those trends that are perfect for a night out. I can't wait to wear a chic slip dress with lace detailing under an oversize blazer this season.


The spring trends L.A. girls will love



If we're being honest, the '90s have been in style for quite some time now. But this spring pieces reminiscent of the '90s fashion era are going to take over the fashion scene—from baggy jeans to tube tops to slip skirts with cutout detailing. I, for one, am already wearing the loose-jean trend and have also found myself browsing tube tops as of late. And just like that, what's old is new again. 


The biggest spring trends, according to L.A. girls



Polka dots are one of those prints, much like leopard or zebra, that never go totally out of style but rather fluctuate in popularity from season to season. Well, polka dots are having a big upswing for spring 2020, showing up on dresses, tops, and skirts in various sizes and colors. This is the trend I plan to wear with my favorite jeans ASAP.