4 Things I'm Buying to Look More Polished at the Office This Spring

Even though I work in a creative office where the dress code is more on the relaxed side, I've found that I'm more productive when I both look and feel polished. Working from home in sweats just doesn't give me the same burst of motivation that getting dressed and going into an office environment does. So in an effort to increase productivity, I've been brainstorming ways to feel more put-together walking into work every day.

After examining my wardrobe, I realized there are a few key items that always help me feel that way, so I'll be doubling down on those this spring. From the ultimate third piece that instantly elevates my outfits to the shoe style that pairs well with every pant style, today I'm highlighting the casual work clothing that always makes me feel ready. Keep reading for the four things I'm investing in to feel more polished at work this spring. 

1. White Button-Down

White button down work outfits



It doesn't get more classic than a crisp white button-down. Whether you pair it with wide-leg jeans or tailored trousers, a white button-down makes everything feel polished. It also goes with just about anything in your closet, so it will easily become one of your most-worn clothing items. 

2. Cardigans 

Cardigan work outfits



Cardigans have been having a major moment the past few seasons, and they show no signs of slowing down. But just because this item is particularly trendy now doesn't take away from the fact that it has always been the perfect office top—just enough structure to feel put-together but also beyond comfortable.

3. Oversize Blazers

Spring blazer outfits for work



I don't even really need to explain why I'm adding oversize blazers to my closet since they're essentially the most versatile piece you could own. Even though I happen to be buying them specifically with the office in mind, I guarantee I'll end up wearing them just as much outside of work. 

4. Polished Sandals

The best casual work clothing for spring



Chic mules and sandals are staples for both inside (if you work in a more creative setting, of course) and outside the office. Pair them with cropped trousers and a pretty blouse for work and then wide-leg jeans and a T-shirt on the weekends.