Chunky Loafers Can Be Hard to Style—These 8 Pieces Always Work With Them

Loafers, chunky ones in particular, have become a key staple in our shoe collections in recent years. It’s unsurprising, really, since they’re an easy, comfortable flat-shoe option that also makes anything you pair them with look polished. Whether you decide on the ubiquitous Prada ones or a more affordable alternative, it’s clear they make a smart investment—especially for the upcoming autumn and winter months. 


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The trouble is chunky loafers, with their masculine vibe and heavy appearance, can actually be quite hard to style. Jeans are one of our most-worn items and the obvious choice to wear with easy slip-on shoes, but even then you need to be careful with the shape and length of the denim. Your best bet, in a stylist’s opinion (that’s me), is to keep it classic. A tonal colour palette and pared-back basics will always look best. Think black jeans and camel coats. Worried about them feeling too clunky? Pair them with a mini or midi skirt for balance. Prefer to lean into the androgyny? Pair them with cargo pants for an extremely 2022 vibe. 

Keep scrolling, and you’ll find eight examples of easy outfits you can wear with your chunky loafers and the specific pieces we find always work with them. Most pieces you probably already own, but I’ve shopped out some options if you’re looking to fill any gaps in your wardrobe ahead of the new season

1. Miniskirts


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Loafers and miniskirts go together like bread and butter. The masculine shoe balances out a cutesy mini perfectly. Ankle socks optional. 

2. Leather Trousers


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As soon as the weather allows, we'll be whipping out our leather trousers again. And you can be certain we'll be wearing them with chunky loafers on repeat. 

3. Midi Skirts


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A controversial one, perhaps, but in a similar vein as with miniskirts, chunky loafers provide the perfect antidote to floaty midis, as proven here. Just add a knit for autumn and you're off. 

4. Camel Coats


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This might sound like a strange one, but from thorough research, it's clear that even if you wear the most "boring" outfit underneath, throwing on a camel coat with your chunky loafers immediately makes you look chic. 

5. Jumper Dresses


(Image credit: @hannahlewisstylist)

Dresses with loafers is a hard combo to pull off, but if you opt for jumper dresses or ribbed knitted styles, you can guarantee they will always work. 

6. Black Jeans


(Image credit: @juliesfi)

It may sound obvious, but if in doubt, a classic pair of black denim will save you any time you're having loafer-outfit struggles. 

7. Straight-Leg Blue Jeans


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Of course, the same applies to blue jeans. But straight-leg styles work best here, whether cropped or looser and full-length.

8. Cargo Trousers


(Image credit: @hannahlewisstylist)

Cargo trousers are about to be everywhere this autumn, which is good news for you and your chunky loafers since they partner perfectly for that slouchy, oversized look. If you're worried about everything looking too baggy and masculine, tuck in a tighter tank or roll-neck layer or wear them with a crop top to balance out the proportions. 

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