The Flat-Shoe Trend I'm Buying Instead of Heels This Season

For the first time maybe ever, I don't anticipate buying any new heels this winter. I don't typically wear heels all that much when it's cold anyway, and fall and this winter is sure to be far more uneventful than usual, so flats it is for me. Luckily, one of the biggest shoe trends on the market for the upcoming season happens to be flat (well, sort of). Allow me to explain.

I've always been a big fan of loafers. The Gucci Jordaan loafers have been perhaps the most worn shoes in my closet for the past several years, but I'm ready for a fresh update on the classic style. My wishes have been granted, thanks in large part to Prada and its chunky loafer It shoes, and the grunge trend that was such a thing this fall. I'm happy to have snagged a pair and basically just want summer to end so that I can wear them on my rare outings without sweating my feet off. Prada's loafers (which you'll see below) have been all over my Instagram feed and have been selling out left and right, but many other brands have followed suit and gotten in on the trend themselves, which I fully support. Like the Prada ones, many styles have a lug sole or a low platform, but that doesn't make them heels, in my opinion. I'll gladly take the extra height, though. 

Keep scrolling to see how people are styling their chunky loafers and shop my favorite pairs at a variety of price points.

Prada chunky loafers



Can you see why they're so highly coveted?

This might be my favorite wallet-friendly pair.

They're kind of perfect in every way.

Prada loafers Instagram


Flat shoe trend



You can never go wrong with Dr. Martens.

In case you want something a little more different.

Fall loafers outfit



I'm surprisingly into the the crystal accent.

ASOS is always quick to jump on the trends.

These are likely to stay in your wardrobe for years to come.

Wouldn't be a shoe trend roundup without Gucci.

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