2 Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Always Look Cool at the Gym

As someone who’s pretty new in the game to gym life and exercise in general, I’m always looking for ways to infuse my love of fashion into my, um, disinterest in working out. After all, what better way to inspire a healthy, active lifestyle than the prospect of a cool outfit and perhaps a great photo of it, too? If this sounds like an added layer of effort for you, let me continue before you give up on me.

Today, I’m breaking down two unbelievably easy ways to look cool at the gym—every time—without having to break the bank either, thanks to JoyLab (the affordable activewear brand we co-design with our friends at Target). Ready? Just keep scrolling to read about each, see them in action and, of course, shop the under-$50 pieces you'll need to get each look for yourself:

Option 1: Statement Separates

If you’re more inclined to statement pieces and items that stand out, simply opt for tops, sports bras, and leggings that are detailed, rather than plain. Think cool cutouts, mesh inserts, strappy situations, and more. Pieces like this will ensure that no outfit you wear could possibly look basic. Scroll for proof (and to shop our statement sports bras, leggings, tops, and more).

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Option 2: Simple Sets

If, like me, your gym style (and everyday style) is more on the minimal side, then the move for you is to invest in simple matching sets. I don’t know what it is, but no matter how plain a sports bra or pair of leggings can be, if you’re wearing ones that match, you just look cool automatically. Continue on to see for yourself and shop the sets along the way.