My Favorite Celeb Looks Happen Courtside—7 Outfits I'd Wear to a Game

Fashion people are stereotyped as being more interested in the latest controversial runway trend than sports. I grew up as an overly dedicated football fan, so for me, that isn't necessarily true. If you're a person who loves fashion and sports, I can guess that you already know the thrill of getting dressed up to go to a basketball game.

Contrary to sporting events where the stars hide in private boxes, the best part of an NBA game is seeing your favorite celebrities front and center. Since they're wildly on display when seated courtside, celebrities tend to arrive dressed to impress, which always inspires me to do the same.

In 2023, I want to do more activities in New York City, so I decided that a trip to Barclays Center is definitely on my to-do list. As I start to think about what I'll wear to this exciting event, I'm browsing my favorite celebrity courtside moments. Below, find seven potential outfits to choose from. 


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Pete Davidson indeed gets around, so it was no surprise that he decided to take Emily Ratajkowski out on a highly public first date. While most people were wondering if this relationship would last, I was admiring the puffer jacket that Ratajkowski wore. You can never go wrong with a cropped puffer and jeans.

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Some people see wearing all black as boring, but when they say that, I guide them to this Rihanna moment that is anything but. A perfectly layered ensemble that's topped off with bold jewelry is an easy way to get out the door fast when you're planning on attending an NBA game.

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If you're lucky enough to sit courtside, dressing from the shoes up is a genius way of looking good and potentially capturing the attention of the players. Kendall Jenner's disco-ball knee-high boots are the perfect example of this. Since you'll be surrounded by 6'5"+ men, I assure you that you'll be grateful you wore high heels.

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Dressing for a basketball game can be complicated because you want to dress casually and look your best. Jennifer Lopez would tell you not to overthink it. Throwing on a Candian tuxedo will steer you in the right direction.

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I can't tell whose outfit I like more. Justine Skye and Hailey Bieber doubled up on oversize leather bomber jackets, baggy pants, and black leather shoulder bags. If you're more of a "suit up" kind of person, a tailored vest might be your choice, but if you're casual, try emulating Skye's baggy T-shirt.

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Kim Kardashian's style has leaned on strong silhouettes and bold color schemes for some time now. This warm color palette is right up my alley and is such a fun way to get dressed. I'll be thinking about the puffer coat for weeks.

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Now, it's bold to wear white to an NBA game, but when in Miami… Gabrielle Union confidently pulls off this bold fashion moment that might take you from courtside seats to the beach, and I'm here for it. If a basketball game is your date night, here's what to wear.

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