6 Things You Can Put Away for the Next 4 Months

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Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

I have to tell you, since becoming a New Yorker, I’ve gotten a much better understanding of what seasonal dressing actually is because, well, we have them here! Aside from learning to dress according to a more drastically changing climate, I’ve also learned to organize my closet as such, too. After all, space is limited and I’ve come to realize one of the best things I can do to help manage my closet is to only keep out items I’ll actually use in a given season, and put away those I won’t.

So going off the assumption that there are more of you out there in the same, space-maximizing boat out there, I figured I’d share with you the things I’ll be putting away until winter is over, as well as what I’ll be wearing (and buying) instead. Simply continue on to read!

Put Away: Summery Sandals
What to Wear Instead: Closed-Toe Mules

While winter footwear has a lot to do with wear you live­—for example, in New York you can’t do without all-weather boots, while in L.A. you may never need to own them—some things, such as super summery-looking sandals, can definitely be tabled until the warmer seasons return.

Put Away: Shorts
What to Wear Instead: Skirts

Unlike some summer items, shorts are a bit harder to make feel winter-ready. Mini and midi skirts, however, can easily be paired with a sweater and boots for an instant and stylish seasonal transition.

Put Away: Light and Tropical Prints
What to Wear Instead: Animal Prints and Plaid

I actually did this myself recently, where I looked at all the hanging blouses, dresses, and skirts in my closet and took anything that screamed summer out, folded it up, and put it in a soft storage box to keep under my bed. Not only does this make it easier to see the clothes you will be wearing for the next several months, but it also clears space for incoming fall purchases.

Put Away: Beach and Resort Wear
What to Wear Instead: Winter Layers

Sadly, it is indeed time to swap your one-pieces and caftans for Uniqlo Heattech and turtlenecks. If, like me, you’re still hoping for a warm-weather vacation this cold-weather season, simply keep these items in packing cubes or cloth boxes under your bed or in the back of your closet.

Put Away: Beach Bags
What to Wear Instead: Mini, Embossed, and Patent Bags

I didn’t realize how many beach, basket, and straw bags I had acquired over the last year until I rounded them all up recently. The summer trend took up a lot of what limited wardrobe space I have, so I stacked them all up and put them away to make room for all the amazing fall and winter purse trends like embossing, patent leather, and mini bags.

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Put Away: Linen
What to Wear Instead: Wool and Cashmere

Since linen neither keeps you warm nor is ideal for layering, it’s safe to say you won’t be using any items in the material any time soon. Instead, give your prime real estate to warmer wool and cashmere clothing for the time being.

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