The Accessory Trend NYC Girls Should Invest in ASAP

Patent Leather Boots Street Style


Diego/Collage Vintage

There's a new accessory trend in town, and while I think girls from all over the globe will enjoy it, it's especially convenient for those who hail from none other than the Big Apple. If you haven't already guessed from the above photo, the trend is black patent leather—and let me tell you why. Seeing as it's more durable than both regular leather and suede (for starters, a few raindrops won't mean the end of you), the black patent leather shoe and bag craze seems as if it was made for the weather, walking, all-around hustle and bustle of New York City life—not to mention how good it looks.

As one of several extensions of this season's overarching matrix-inspired, futuristic, trend, these sleek patent pieces can be used both to complement an all-black, already-edgy ensemble or to make an otherwise-simple look, well, shine. No matter which way you go with the styling this season though, the bags and shoes you're about to see below will be pieces I personally think you'll want to keep forever. With everyone from Saint Laurent to, of course, Zara endorsing the trend, it has the makings of a keeper. Without further ado, shop my black patent shoe and bag picks below.

These will be your new everyday shoes this season.

The classic Hayward shopper is, of course, cool in patent.

Can't possibly go wrong with Manolo slingbacks.

You heard it here first: the duffle seems to be making a comeback.

Tackle two trends in once with this studded, Western-inspired pair.

Another perfect pair to wear with your jeans this season.

This might be my favorite bag of the bunch.

If you really want to go for the matrix trend, opt for these.

A little fabric goes a long way to make something stand out.

The belt bag is the trend that keeps on giving.

These are totally fall-appropriate if you live in LA.

Wear this to work all season long.

These give you a little extra height while still keeping it casual.

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