The Item 8 Celebs Aren't Wearing With Leggings Anymore

Is it just me, or does it seem like new "rules" regulating how to wear leggings are emerging right and left? We've covered the seven things you should avoid wearing with leggings before, but since trends come and go so quickly, we're back again with a new piece we've noticed has totally disappeared from the legging outfits of the celebs who wear them constantly. Yes, they're still wearing leggings with sneakers and hoodies—we don't see that changing anytime soon.

But when we compared the most popular celeb legging outfits of last year with those of this year, one item was noticeably missing: bomber jackets. Upon further investigation, celebs from Gigi Hadid and Ashley Graham (eight of them, to be exact) decided to avoid bomber jackets when wearing leggings in 2018. Instead, they have replaced the jacket with a fresh selection of newer trends to wear with leggings, like teddy coats and cropped denim jackets.

Keep reading to see which celebs have ditched bomber jackets with leggings and what they're wearing with them instead.