4 Lipstick Colours I Predict Will Be Huge This Summer

While summer 2021 might be remembered in the beauty world as the season that colourful eye shadow reigned supreme, it's the resurgence of lipstick that I'm more interested in. Yes, despite the reality of face masks, meaning many of us were spending more time concentrating on the makeup that goes on the upper half of our faces, once unmasked, I've noticed that lipstick is still very much a staple of every fashion person's beauty routine. And this summer's hottest lipstick colours are a delight to behold—from the revival of classic crimson to new-gen glosses, there's a lipstick love-in happening right now. And I'm very much on board with it.

Ahead, keep scrolling for the four summer lipstick colours that everyone will be wearing and to shop my favourite formulations. 

1. Petal Pink

Traditionally a spring hue, pastel pink seems to be emerging later this year—perhaps, in part, a reflection of us emerging from lockdown as summer arrives. Veering from soft, powdery roses to poppier blush shades, summer's pink lipsticks are hazy rather than bubblegum, and they work best in slippy, satin textures.


(Image credit: @thatcurlytop)

A hint of rose looks so pretty on the lips.


(Image credit: @mexicanbutjapanese)

This glossy peony looks so cool contrasted with turquoise lids.


(Image credit: @asos_lotte)

I think we're all in agreement that this pastel pink is the perfect everyday lipstick shade.


(Image credit: @himichelleli)

A muted blush is a modern way to wear this trend.

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2. Tomato Red

One of the biggest makeup trends of 2021 has been the matte red lip—not that this timeless look has ever really gone anywhere, but it's really having a moment right now. Summer's take is a celebration of red in its brightest forms, from ripe strawberry to classic pillar-box shades. And while matte formulations traditionally have felt like too dry an option for summer, the newest lipsticks on the market are comfortable enough to wear all day long.


(Image credit: @inthing_)

This vibrant, poppy red is as summery as they come.


(Image credit: @ada_oguntodu)

I love the way this classic, matte red lip looks with a playful summer outfit.


(Image credit: @dronme)

Opt for reds with just a hint of orange to add warmth to this lip look.


(Image credit: @fongminliao)

A bold lip like this one looks so chic with pared-back makeup and glowy skin.

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3. Fruity Glosses

Strictly speaking, this isn't a colour, but I can't talk about summer lipstick trends without mentioning glosses in all their glory. Forget the glittery, holographic '90s take on the gloss; this summer, it's all about new-generation formulas with high-shine finishes and none of the stickiness. Peach, watermelon and cherry hues are the order of the day for a juicy wash of colour that glows on the lips. 


(Image credit: @anaasmood)

A total tangerine dream.


(Image credit: @charlottekuhrt)

Vibrant coral and watermelon pink look so good in this shiny finish.


(Image credit: @isabelleikpeme)

If brights aren't your thing, then try a rich plum or berry shade in a glossy formulation.


(Image credit: @champagnemani)

I didn't know I needed a purple lipgloss until now.

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4. Modern Mauves

Mauve is often written off as a shade of a bygone era, but look at any lipstick launch right now, and you'll see a plethora of modern mauves in the mix. If brights are your bag, then opt for lilac hues, while muted neutrals with just a tinge of purple look delightfully chic. It's unexpected, but mauve is one of my favourite summer lipstick colours right now.


(Image credit: @danishrolls)

Fuchsia undertones keep this mauve lipstick feeling fresh and modern.


(Image credit: @celmatique)

Layer soft lilacs with a gloss to get them summer-ready.


(Image credit: @valerialipovetsky)

Neutrals with a berry undertone are a subtle way to wear the mauve trend.


(Image credit: @aimeesong)

A matte mauve is an elegant finishing touch to a bold outfit.

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