I’m An Esthetician and These Are My Most-Recommended Skincare Products

Whether it is via my Instagram DMs, over a virtual skincare consultation, or mid-facial, as an esthetician (and beauty editor) I'm regularly asked for my top beauty product recommendations. "Are microcurrent devices worth it?", "can you recommend an affordable vitamin C?", and "what's the best product for dark circles?" are up there as the most frequently asked requests I get, but I regularly recommend products for all manner of skin types and concerns, from dry and dehydrated through to oily and acne-prone.

Now as a beauty editor I've tested an unprecedented amount of products, which makes things a lot easier when it comes to making recommendations to my clients as an esthetician. I have my personal favourites—the failsafe spot treatment I always have a backup of and the soothing face mist I buy in bulk to name a few—but for me, the sign of a good product is when it gets great feedback from those I recommend it to. 


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There are so many things to take into account when I recommend a product to a client, or a friend. Not only do I consider whether it's right for their skin type and if it addresses their skin concerns, but I also consider the individual ingredients within it, the texture of the formula, and how it will feel and last on their skin. 

In addition I always like to be conscious of budget when making product recommendations to clients. However, if I truly believe that a product is worth the price—and there's no cheaper alternative—I'll always recommend it, no matter what. So when someone writes back with good feedback or tells me they've repurchased a product, I know it's worth keeping in mind for a future recommendation. 


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Over the years, I've been able to draw up my ultimate list of the product recommendations that always impress. So without further ado, scroll down to discover my most-recommended skincare products.

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While studying for a history degree (specialising in the history of beauty) and working as a beauty adviser in department stores, Grace started writing her own beauty blog in order to share the products she discovered while dealing with acne. After graduating, she moved to Beauty Bay as beauty editor and content manager. Grace is currently a beauty contributor to Who What Wear. She has also written for Hypebae and PopSugar and works as a brand consultant and copywriter.