I'm a Beauty Editor—These Are the Devices I Invest In for Incredible Skin

In the past few years, the skincare and technology industries have collided, resulting in an abundance of facial tools and skincare devices that promise to do everything from lifting and sculpting to decongesting and brightening skin. Now, as a trained esthetician I’ve tried my fair share of skincare gadgets, but what makes this new cohort of beauty tech different is that these devices are designed to be easily used by skincare novices from the comfort of their own homes. Safe, easy to use, and affordable, these tools replicate the effects of professional treatments and will seriously upgrade your daily skincare routine. 

One of the brands that has really lead the way when it comes to skincare tech is Foreo. The Swedish brand first launched in 2013, debuting the world’s first silicone facial cleansing brush, and has since expanded their product range to include innovations such as a 5-in-1 facial massager, an LED breakout wand, and a silicone toothbrush.


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My first introduction to the brand was via Foreo’s facial cleansing brush (known as the Luna), and I have to admit, I was sceptical as to just how good an at-home device could be. Needless to say, four years have passed and it’s been a staple in my daily skincare routine ever since. As someone who is acne-prone and experiences concerns like enlarged pores and deep-rooted congestion, cleansing efficiently has always been a main focus of my skincare routine. However, cleansers themselves can only do so much, so incorporating the Foreo Luna into my cleansing routine was a major upgrade. In fact, Foreo’s newest version of the Luna is clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue, which is a lot more than hands alone can achieve.

Made from super-soft silicone and powered by sonic pulsations, this is quite unlike any other facial cleansing brush I’ve ever tried—it’s also a lot more hygienic than brushes with nylon bristles. With three modes (gentle, regular, and deep), it’s suitable for all (including sensitive) skin types, and simultaneously massages, cleanses, and exfoliates skin. The soothing massage function helps to improve lymphatic drainage and skin elasticity, resulting in a firmer, sculpted appearance, while the gentle exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and prep skin for effective product penetration.


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I tend to use the device during my evening cleanse, usually alongside a gel or foam cleanser (as I find this texture works best). Once turned on, it runs for two minutes—the perfect amount of time to cover my face and neck, with extra focus on my congested areas (along my jawline) and around my nose where my pores are most obvious. Within a few weeks of first using it I noticed a reduction in the bumpy uneven texture of my skin, and with daily use my skin is now smooth and totally bump free. I’ve also noticed an overall reduction in the amount of breakouts I experience, which I credit to the fact that not only does the Luna give my skin a really deep cleanse, but it also forces me to spend two whole minutes focussing on your cleansing routine—I’ve noticed on days when I don’t use the Foreo, I rarely spend more than 20 seconds on this step.

I’ll admit that what usually puts me off using a device in the long-term is how easy it is to maintain, but the Luna is practically effortless. It’s rechargeable (and only needs charging 2-3 times a year), doesn’t need to be replaced, and is super easy to clean—silicone is bacteria-resistant, so you just rinse it under water after each use. If you are after a device to help with concerns like congestion, breakouts, and excess oil, then I can’t recommend the Foreo Luna enough. Oh, and I’ve since tried out a number of other devices from the range, so if you’re interested, scroll down for my verdict on the best Foreo products worth investing in.

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