27 Beauty Products Editors Love Enough to Spend Their Own Money on Them

There are certainly some occupational hazards we're faced with as beauty editors—perioral dermatitis, perfume-induced migraines, and a need for some extreme bathroom storage solutions are amongst them. But there are also some major perks. The best one? We get access to the latest and greatest beauty launches and we usually get to try them out for free. Of course, without this perk, our jobs would be pretty hard—which means that with a constant stream of new products landing on our desks on pretty much a daily basis, we're rarely in the position of needing to buy anything.

With that said, sometimes we use products that are so good and so effective, we feel the need to keep them in our daily routines (or at least have backups to hand for skincare emergencies). What's more, one of the really fun parts of being a beauty editor is sleuthing out the products that are set to be the next big thing (even if they're not new) or figuring out which underrated products are actually hidden gems.


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We try so many products that if we consider a moisturiser/mascara/perfume worth spending our money on (especially when we probably didn't need it), then it definitely is worth it. So if a beauty editor tells you that they paid for and bought a product for themself, that's your sign to run out and buy it. 

Below, a handful of beauty editors divulged to me the products they use and actually buy for themselves. Scroll to discover what could potentially be your new favourite beauty products... 

1. Grace Day


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2. Eleanor Vousden


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3. Mica Ricketts


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4. Tori Crowther


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5. Nateisha Scott


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6. Zeynab Mohamed


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7. Mollie Burdell


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8. Jenny Brownlees


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9. Chloe Burcham


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Freelance Beauty Editor

Grace Day is a beauty editor and content creator. She has over 10 years of beauty-industry experience, spanning editorial, retail, and e-commerce, which gives her a unique understanding into how people shop for their beauty routines.

While studying for a history degree (specialising in the history of beauty) and working as a beauty adviser in department stores, Grace started writing her own beauty blog in order to share the products she discovered while dealing with acne. After graduating, she moved to Beauty Bay as beauty editor and content manager. Grace is currently a beauty contributor to Who What Wear. She has also written for Hypebae and PopSugar and works as a brand consultant and copywriter.