The Trick to Finding an Amazing Sports Bra for Under £50

The right sports bra can really make a difference to your training, and so this is arguably the most important part of your gym kit. Bra shopping can be hard enough, but looking for a sports bra throws up even more questions. To help you find the perfect sports bra, we turned to Eloise Rigby, founder of The Pantry Underwear, for her five top tips.

1. "Ensure that when you pop your hand behind your back and slip your thumb under the hooks [or band, if it's not a bra strap style] that you can only pull it out by half an inch with some resistance."

2. "Sports bras often cut high on the chest to contain the tissue. Run your fingers inside the top of the cup to ensure there's not an air gap in the cup, where there would be free movement if you were exercising."

3. "Take a moment in the changing room to jump on the spot and check you're happy with the level of support. Ask a staff member to adjust your shoulder straps [do this yourself at home occasionally, as hardware will slip over time due to exercise]. If you're still not comfortable try on more sizes and keep testing—don't expect to take your typical size."


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4. "Some sports bras have unusual straps, including those that appear to be racerback and have a fastening between your shoulder blades. These can offer great support for high-impact sports, but ensure you can easily fasten and unfasten by yourself at home before buying."

5. "Try and purchase sports bras that are adjustable, with a bra strap fitting. Pulling them over your head stretches the elastic more quickly, and when it stretches, you won't have the option to make it smaller."

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Emma Spedding