6 Workout Trends That Will Make You Want to Move in 2021

For many people, myself included, getting our daily exercise has been one of the few things keeping us going through lockdown. Whether it's a walk to grab coffee, a quick yoga class after work, a gentle lunchtime stretch or a blow-away-the-cobwebs morning run, it's amazing how important moving has become as we found ourselves increasingly confined to our homes. At risk of sounding like a fashion editor cliche, I do find that having nice gym-wear can be one way to ensure I actually make it out of the front door. Of course, form and functionality have to go hand-in-hand when it comes to activewear, but as more and more brands jump on the workout bandwagon, we find ourselves spoilt for choice.

Case in point: Arket's yoga collection, which launched last year, is the ultimate fusion of fashion and function, with stylish leggings and sports bras coming in cool colourways, such as beige, powder blue and blush pink. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, you have iconic sportswear brands developing design-led capsules: Think Stella McCartney for Adidas and Lululemon x Roksanda. It seems that, finally, fashion-savvy exercise-lovers aren't needing to compromise when it comes to investing in new workout pieces—and about time too.

So, what about for 2021? I was scrolling through the latest activewear drops this week, and I found that there were 4 trends in particular that really stood out to me. From the nostalgia of '90s tracksuits to the loungewear-workout hybrids, scroll down to see the workout pieces that will make you want to move this year.

1. Retro Shades

activewear trends 2021: retro shades



Style Notes: From '80s neons to '70s powder blues, this year is all about the throwback colour palette, as seen on Charlotte Kuhrt. Get her look at Violeta by Mango below.

2. '90s Sportswear

activewear trends 2021: '90s sportswear



Style Notes: Prepare to recall your teenage years with Adidas stripes, colourful sneakers and boxy crop tops, yes the '90s are back.

activewear trends 2021: back-to-school outfits



Style Notes: They might not have had much appeal at the time, but the back-to-school short has been spotted on countless influencers this year.

4. Loungewear Hybrids

activewear trends 2021: loungewear hybrids



Style Notes: I know we're all desperate to escape our knitted joggers the moment April hits, but inevitably the loungewear trend is bound to stick around for a while longer.

5. All-in-Ones

activewear trends 2021



Style Notes: This might not be for everyone, but you can't deny that the workout all-in-one packs a punch. Luckily, these can be worn with trackies over the top, if the idea of wearing by itself it too much.

activewear trends 2021: cycling shorts



Style Notes: The cycling short was a huge trend back in 2019, and it's not letting go of its fashion credentials quite yet. Luckily this year it's back in a context that it was best suited to: the gym.