From Embellished Flats to Classic Heels—These 8 Chic Bridal Shoes Are Anything But Boring

There are so many things that a bride has to think about, especially when it comes to the outfits. After putting so much thought into finding the perfect dress—or multiple, if you're planning to surprise your guests with an outfit change or two—you want to make sure your accessories are the ideal match.

Once upon a time, the wedding shoe was simple. A classic white stiletto or court shoe was the traditional go-to—something quiet that would let the dress shine. But these days, the options are much, much broader. On one of the spectrum, there's a wider variety of sleek, minimalist styles for those still looking for something more understated. On the other end, there are shoes that are practically works of art, adorned with sculptural flourishes or glittering embellishment that can either act as the focal point for the wedding look or live up to the fabulousness of the dress.

@lefevrediary wearing white dress and heels

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There's also increased understanding that brides need to be comfortable (at last), especially given that they'll be on their feet basically all day. So enter the new hero shoes: block heels and flats—yes, you really can opt for a beautiful ballet flat as your special day shoe.

Whatever style you're after, one thing's for sure—none of these shoes would disappoint you on the big day. In fact, you'll probably find plenty of excuses to pull them out for special occasions for years to come. Scroll on to find my pick of the very best available right now.

1. Flats

@camillecharriere wearing white ballet flats with a white dress

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Style Notes: Whether your wedding shoe hunt is driven by comfort or aesthetic, flat shoes mean you don't have to compromise on either. Keep it simple with a white satin or leather ballet flat, or add a bit of glamour with a sparkling embellishment.

2. Strappy Heels

@aimeesong wearing strappy heels with a white dress

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Style Notes: A strappy heel feels like an especially modern style for wedding wear, and will add a touch of drama if it peeks out from a skirt split. If you're going for a tailored look, a strappy sandal will also help keep it light and summery.

3. Embellished Gems

@iliridakrasniqi wearing embellished heels

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Style Notes: If ever there's a time to wear some sparkle, it's your wedding day. Whether you need your shoes to live up to the glamour of your dress, or you're relying on your footwear to be your special statement touch, these embellished beauties are more than up to the task.

4. Block Heels

Reformation block heels

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Style Notes: While a flat shoe is undoubtedly the most comfortable wedding option, a block heel is a close second. These dance floor-ready shoes will have you happily on your feet all night, and if you're going for a vintage-inspired look, you can opt for a style with a subtly retro feel.

5. Mary Janes

@lefevrediary wearing white Mary Janes

(Image credit: @lefevrediary)

Style Notes: The classic shoe style has made a major comeback over the past year, but in my opinion they are a timeless design that more than suit a wedding look. Flat or heeled, a white Mary Jane adds a certain romantic je ne sais quoi to a bridal ensemble.

6. Something Blue

@lucywilliams02 wearing blue heels and wedding dress

(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

Style Note: A playful, unconventional way to nod to one of the oldest wedding dresses is to make your shoes your something blue. Sky blue or rich emerald, find a colour and design that matches your dress vibe.

7. Disco Shoes

@bettinalooney wearing gold heels with a sparkly dress

(Image credit: @bettinalooney)

Style Notes: If you're planning to change into a second party wedding look, then lean into the dance floor mood with disco-inspired metallic heels. Gold or silver, these will complement any white or ivory outfit.

8. 3D Florals

@emilisindlev wearing 3D floral heels

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Style Notes: Sure you've got your bouquet, but why not double up on the florals with a statement shoe? From subtle petals to all-out sculptural designs, these shoes are sure to have your guests talking.

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