I Spot Trends for a Living—Here's Everything I'm Buying for Spring

trendy spring clothes


@miaou; Pictured: Miaou Imogene Corset ($255)

As a fashion editor, I'm acutely aware of all the current trends on the scene and have basically made it a pastime of mine to uncover emerging micro-trends about to make it big next. Since I spend so much of my time trendspotting and reporting on the styles that are in and out, I tend to rack up a massive shopping list for all the holes in my own closet. At the start of each new season, I keep a running tab of all the pieces I want to add to my wardrobe to nail each of the overarching trends I'm seeing.

On my list of trendy spring clothes for 2020 are items such as ankle-tie sandals, shoulder bags, and wide-leg jeans (just to name a few) that represent each of the larger trends I want to test out myself. By keeping a list like this, I'm able to avoid making impulsive purchases and ensure that each item I add to my virtual shopping cart is one that I'll be satisfied within several months' time.

From the loose fit to the light wash, these are the perfect jeans for right now.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Bridgerton is definitely influencing me here.

Call me biased, but these are the perfect '90s mules.

Pinstripes are the micro-trend I'm leaning way into this spring.

I've always been a sucker for smocking.

Okay, but I need this airy shirt in every color.

With the above shirt, meet my current WFH uniform.

Calling it now: these are the sandals everyone will buy from Zara.

There's a lot going on here but in a good way.

The trendiest $5 I'll spend all month.

My dream flats, if we're being honest.

If I can't travel back to Italy, I can at least pretend with a tourist tee, right?

Looking forward to the day I can trade in my joggers for sweat shorts.

It's impossible to underestimate how soft and lightweight this bralette is. Everyone needs one.

Printed mesh dresses are top of mind right now.

Anything ballerina-inspired is my goal aesthetic for spring.

Might splurge on fancy lingerie just to feel something.

Mini skirts are the only skirts I care about RN.

The sunglasses every girl on Instagram is wearing.

I love the idea of layering this over a boxy T-shirt.

Cool new jewelry brand alert!

Next up, discover the five micro-trends I predict will blow up this spring.

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