The Polarizing Shoes You Were Conditioned to Hate Are Back—Tell a Friend

Ready or not, wedges are officially back from the dead. Some of you may have never stopped wearing said shoe trend (and no shame if that's you) while others of you were conditioned to ditch the style ASAP post–college graduation, sorority formals, and wild nights on the town. No matter what your past experience (or trauma) is with wedges, there's no denying that they are a major spring 2019 shoe trend once again. However this year, the shapes are sleeker, and the designers churning them out are cooler. 

Thanks to Maryam Nassir Zadeh, the case for the "naked wedge," if you will, is stronger than ever, with many other designers following suit. By now, we thought the shape's shelf life might have expired, but online retailers and influencers have proved otherwise. While Maryam Nassir Zadeh might be leading the pack when it comes to her iconic design, it's other footwear designers like Staud, LOQ, By Far, and Nicole Saldana who convinced us this isn't just a one-off shoe moment—it's a whole trend movement. Now that spring has finally arrived, we're ready to depart from our old ways and preconceived notions and embrace the trend for all it's worth. 

Ahead, check out a few Instagrams of wedges we're crushing on and shop 16 of our favorite versions. 

The price hardly reflects how expensive these look.

Just a sliver of a wedge is clearly enough. 

I own these and wear them non-stop. They look so chic with jeans. 

This mustard yellow feels fresh in the patent material. 

Basically a work of art, these ones. 

Honestly couldn't choose between these and the light pink—both are so versatile. 

Once you own one color, you'll want to own them all. 

A crisp white shoe to match all your crisp white tees. 

This simple pair will last you seasons on end. 

Perfect for all your summertime weddings. 

Another sleek pair that's worth the investment. 

You can never go wrong with a silver shoe.

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