These 3 Trendy Items Will Look Excellent With Skinny Jeans or Leggings

When it comes to staples in your wardrobe, there’s a strong chance leggings and jeans (skinny jeans included) are the front-runners. These versatile items can be dressed up or down to create a range of A+ outfits. And sure, you may have a series of go-to ensembles you pair with either leggings or skinny jeans, but we’re here to bring you some more ideas.

After scrolling through Instagram and going through various outfits we’d saved, we noticed there were actually a few key trendier items (some that we noted last fall and are still staples) that fashion people are gravitating toward. While these pieces could certainly work flawlessly with a range of items, they look particularly excellent with either skinny jeans or leggings.

Intrigued? Keep scrolling to check out a few stylish outfits featuring skinny jeans and leggings, along with items that team nicely with both. There’s also a smattering of shopping inpso in case something catches your eye.


How to wear a sweater vest and skinny jeans



A sweater-vest will bring extra dimension to an ensemble featuring a top and skinny jeans.

Try a sweater-vest as an alternative to a top with leggings or jeans.

Relaxed Tailoring

How to wear leggings and a blazer



A blazer will bring instant polish to any ensemble. This one is particularly easy and elevated.

You can't go wrong with a 'fit like this one that features a blazer, a knit, skinny jeans, and boots.

Chic White Button-Down Shirt

How to style a white shirt and jeans



Half-tuck a flowy white shirt into your go-to skinny jeans for an effortless vibe.

How to wear a white shirt and leggings



A blouse tucked into split-hem leggings is a polished and trend-forward look.

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