18 Trends We're Totally Over—Are Any Hiding in Your Closet?

While a percent of trends that go out of style are eventually rewarded with a comeback, others (we hope) go far, far away—and stay there. While it can be stressful to keep up with at times, the clear upside of this purging of sorts is that it makes room for new pieces to steal the spotlight, assuming you’ve rid your wardrobe of the old ones. So, in case it’s been a while since you did a closet-cleanse, today we’re rounding up the 18 fashion items we’re so over, along with what you should be wearing instead. From wedge boots to shredded tops, your wardrobe will be a better place without these.

Scroll through to see the 18 trends we’re totally over—and shop our picks of what to replace them with!

Over: Wedge Boots

There are chic exceptions, but for the most part, these are driving a wedge (get it?) between you and a stylish wardrobe.

Instead, try a block-heel ankle boot:

Over: Sock Buns

Loosen up! 

Instead, try a sleek barrette:

Over: Designer Puns

If a designer graphic tee isn’t in your budget, no need to settle for a punny knockoff. 

Instead, opt for an edgy graphic tee:

Over: Holography

Skip the intergalactic accessories and come back down to earth.

Instead, make a statement with an embellished item:

Over: Floral Crowns

Even if you were an early adopter, it’s time to let go.

Instead, wear a silky headband:

Over: Printed Tights

Reserve those for Halloween and just about nothing else.

Instead, go for fun socks:

Over: Bubble Necklaces 

Hate to burst your bubble, but these maddeningly cutesy necklaces are done.

Instead, complement any outfit with a delicate choker:

Over: Sheer Maxi Skirts

There are just too many cooler options.

Instead, try a fall-ready denim maxi:

Over: Statement Snapbacks

Why use your forehead to send a message when you can simply speak?

Instead, try an on-trend velvet cap:

Over: Body-Con Dresses

They’re neither chic nor comfortable.

Instead, wear an equally-alluring slip dress:

Over: Cowl-Neck Tops

It’s like they’re trying to make your chest look droopy.

Instead, try a tie blouse:

Over: Graphic Leggings

With so many sleek styles on the market, why settle?

Instead, make a statement in mesh-insert leggings:

Over: Shredded Tops

They definitely had their moment, but it has since passed.

Instead, test drive the reconstructed shirt trend:

Over: Infinity Scarves

Who wants a scarf that you can literally only style one way? 

Instead, go for a versatile blanket scarf:

Over: Peplum

All we can say is: 2012.

Instead, wear a flattering wrap top:

Over: Palm-Tree Print

If you want to constantly be reminded of L.A., just follow a few bloggers on Instagram. 

Instead, invest in a classic animal print:

Over: Waterfall Cardigans

On our list of things that are flattering, let’s just say that a waterfall of fabric down your torso ranks quite low.

Instead, wear a flattering cropped cardigan:

Over: Wedge Sneakers

Thankfully, sneakers are so popular right now we no longer need turn them into heels to be able to wear them anywhere we want! 

Instead, stick to a classic sneaker style:

So, were any hiding in your closet? Tell us which in the comments below! 

Opening Image: Collage Vintage

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