Mark My Words: This Is the Ultimate Boot Trend of 2020

Trust Bottega Veneta and The Row to take the humble Chelsea boot and upgrade it so that it becomes one of the most hyped products to wear on your feet for the past year. So how did these brands manage to make it so chic and so sought after by the fashion crowd? Both ramped up the sole so it was thicker and sturdier, thus the track-sole trend was created. Of course, the fashion houses each have their own take on the shoe. Bottega made it so the leg was slightly taller and added in its trade-mark quilting. As for The Row, there was a simple zip embellishment down the middle to make this boot more elegant, despite its stomping nature. Now, especially this season, Ganni is in on the act too, with red, green and black track-sole boots that seem to sell out all the time. 

But this trend hasn't stopped with the aforementioned designers of course. Zara has its own version of the ankle boot, and I've also spied similar over on Arket and Mango. Other designers have these chunky boots in stock too with their own takes on the trend. For example, Prada has added a thick heel to make it feel like a dresser option (or for those who hate going without a little height). Before you shop the trend, a word on how to style them: Try cropped jeans to show them off as much as possible à la Monikh. I'm also partial to wearing them with a floaty floral dress too. Now keep scrolling to see the full edit of the best track-sole boots.


(Image credit: @monikh)


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Elinor Block