Exclusive: The Haute Pursuit's Vanessa Hong's 10 Favorite Outfits Ever

In the oversaturated fashion blogosphere, there are very few bloggers whose style is so unique, so well thought-out, and so cohesive that it's just impossible to ignore. While there are about 10 power bloggers in the world with undoubtedly impeccable style, there are few with an aesthetic so defined that from one outfit to the next it looks like a veritable mood board. In a nutshell, this distinction is what makes Vancouver-based blogger Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit so special.

And her signature style? Everything about Hong screams minimalistic architecturalism; much of her wardrobe is comprised of black, white, and gray pieces, sharp lines, and monochromatic ensembles. "My style is very clean. You rarely will see me in patterns," Hong says. "I think that aesthetic came through when I was developing my own style. A lot of my friends are in Beijing and work in the fashion industry, and everybody wears black. So I do a lot of black, white, gray, and blue."

"My Instagram, I see it as a mood board. I always like to see a common theme on the mood board," Hong tells us. "So one week I might want to incorporate purple, so I’ll slowly start showing that all I’m doing is purple or denim-on-denim or wearing white. I like the idea of wearing solid colors—from head to toe. I think it’s a really super powerful thing, seeing someone head to toe in one color."

To show you what we mean, we collaborated with Hong and had her pick her 10 favorite outfits of all time. You can see a common thread through all her looks, even the ones that are slightly different. Keep scrolling to see Hong's 10 favorite looks ever, and what she loves about each one!