I'm 5'3", and These Are the 12 Places I Always Shop

Best petite clothing stores


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Shopping as a petite woman can feel quite overwhelming if you have no idea where to start. Fortunately, though, there are now tons of retailers dedicated to serving the shorter audience. Today, we're here to walk you through the best stores for petite ladies, in our opinion. What went into our decision-making, you ask?

We took into consideration how large the petite selection is, how stylish the pieces are overall, and how approachable the price point is. Weighing those three criteria led us to a strong selection of 12 retailers that stock the cutest petite clothing out there. Ready to learn more and shop a few of our favorite pieces? Your perfectly-fitting capsule wardrobe awaits.

1. Petite Studio

Petite Studio is a New York–based womenswear line dedicated solely to serving petite women. Here, you can shop the most current trends knowing they will actually fit your frame. Additionally, everything at Petite Studio is ethically made, so you can feel even better about your purchase. 

2. Topshop

Topshop's petite section is notable for its size, so you never have to feel limited by the selection (unfortunately, such is the case with most other retailers' petite sections). Basically, this is everything in Topshop, except it fits your frame really well.

3. Reformation

Reformation has curated a petite section where you will find all of your favorite Reformation styles in proportions that work for your body, not just the gorgeous tall models they feature.

4. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is beloved for being a plus-size retailer, but what you might not know is that there's a hidden section dedicated to petite sizes.

5. Old Navy

Not sure where to buy petite leggings? Old Navy has an amazing assortment of activewear and ready-to-wear clothing. The selection is large, and so is the level of style. 

6. Madewell

For all of your timeless basics and denim essentials, Madewell's petite section is unparalleled. Especially when it comes to the more tailored items in your wardrobe, sacrificing true fit is never a good idea, so just head to Madewell instead.


ASOS is known for catering to all body types and has been for quite some time. What does that mean for you? That you can shop the petite section knowing that ASOS is stocking the absolute best clothes for your smaller frame.

8. Everlane

Everlane is another retailer with a somewhat hidden petite section. Here, you can shop everything you'd expect to find at Everlane, ranging from casual workwear to signature denim styles.

9. Paige Denim

Paige's petite category caters to women 5'4" without sacrificing on style. Here, you'll find some of your favorite Paige jean silhouettes with lengths and inseams that will put a smile on your face.

10. Anthropologie

You know all those core Anthropologie brands you know and love? Well, thanks to the retailer's extensive petite section, you can have them in sizes that actually fit. Whether you're hunting for denim, cocktail attire, or a cozy sweater, Anthropologie has got you covered. 

11. Ann Taylor

Another great place to look for petite office attire, classic pieces, and more is Ann Taylor. Beyond the petite sizing offered, Ann Taylor will tailor inseams, hemlines, torsos, and more to best fit your shape.

12. Express

Express's petite section is also designed to cater to frames 5'4" and under. With incredible fits and low prices, this retailer surely won't disappoint.

This article was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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