The Clique Theory: How to Improve Your Outfit Every Single Day

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We all have those moments when we’re standing in the middle of our closets, completely bored at the thought of putting together an outfit. In moments like these, it can be easy to resort to the same old standard look, but there’s actually a new theory to ensure you’re always inspired to create a perfect look. Introducing the Clique Theory.

This new way of thinking encourages you to think about your outfit like a clique of friends—you have the “queen B,” the girl who runs the show with all eyes on her. Think a statement piece. Then you have the “sidekick,” the right-hand girl who compliments (or complements, in this case) the queen B. We’re talking about a trend-driven item that doesn’t upstage the statement piece. Finally, the “minions” are the more understated girls who round out the group—basic items, if you will.

If you practice this theory when you’re getting dressed—and ensure you have a statement piece, a trend-driven find, and cool basics—your outfit will always be balanced and interesting. Guaranteed.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the Clique Theory and watch two of our editors put the rule to the test. Plus, go a bit further to check out three celebs practicing the theory and shop their inspired looks.

Check out three celebs practicing the Clique Theory:


Style du Monde



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Opening Image: Timur Emek/Getty Images