6 NYC Trends Taylor Swift Is Wearing Right Now



When can you call yourself a true New Yorker? It depends on who you ask—some say it takes 10 years living in the city, others define it as the first time you blatantly bawl on the subway. Tayor Swift moved to the city in March 2014, just over four years ago—and based solely on her wardrobe, she's earned the reputation of an NYC girl. After months of laying low, Taylor has been spotted outside her Tribeca apartment dressed in the key pieces in every New Yorker's wardrobe right now.

Whether it be the accessories you're bound to spot all over the city or the statement pieces all your favorite Soho-treading trendsetters are wearing on Instagram, Taylor Swift has been studying up on all the right things to wear in NYC right now. Don't believe us? Read on for six of her recent looks complete with the New York items she's pulling off in a unique way.

Now you and Taylor Swift both can pull off NYC style.