I'm a 32DDD—Here Are the Swimsuit Styles That Actually Work for Me


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Finding the perfect swimsuit can be daunting for almost everyone, but it's especially challenging for those with larger busts. I speak from experience as someone who is a 32DDD and who has struggled to find the right bra for almost her entire life. Style is a top priority of mine, and I used to settle for mediocre support in exchange for something trendy. That era has come to a hard stop.

Becoming a fashion editor changed everything for me. I've had the opportunity to try hundreds of swimsuit styles and am now aware of what the most supportive fits are. I still treat myself to something more stylish for a special occasion or for days when I won't be swimming, but in most cases, support is everything. Two of the biggest things I look for are good underwire and adjustable straps. However, today we are going to dig a little bit deeper. Below, I share specific swimsuit styles that will make any pers with a bigger bust feel confident and comfortable on a beach day.

Bralette-style tops:


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A bralette-style bikini top might seem like the obvious answer, but it's often overlooked in people's swimsuit collections, meaning I have to start with it. Look for thicker straps and a double-layer fabric for this one.


Underwire tops:


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I am excited to be packing for a trip to Spain next week, and the first swimsuit I picked involved an underwire bikini top. They offer the best support for a fuller bust. And who doesn't want to feel comfortable and confident while enjoying beautiful beaches?


Halter Tops:


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As someone who likes to have fun at the beach or pool, I find halter tops incredibly supportive and comfortable. The design lifts and supports my chest while also being adjustable, making it a go-to for me.


One-Shoulder Tops:


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In my experience, one-shoulder tops can be a great alternative for strapless bandeaus that often slip off at the beach. While it sucks I can't go strapless as often as I'd like, the additional support a one-shoulder top delivers is amazing.


Cutout One-Pieces:


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A cutout one-piece just so happens to be both flattering and alluring. The strategically placed cutouts create a visually appealing design, while the structure of a one-piece suit provides support and coverage where I need it most. For some reason, I've never felt more confident and sexy at the beach or pool than in this photo.


Twist-Front Tops:


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Don't sleep on the beauty that is a twist-front top. The twisted design draws attention to the neckline and accentuates the curves of my chest, while the extra fabric and support keep everything in place. I'm in love.


Adjustable Triangle Tops:


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It might surprise you to see triangle tops in this roundup since they aren't exactly known for being supportive, but they've saved me on many occasions. Having a bigger bust on a smaller frame means finding my size when bikini shopping can be difficult. With a triangle top, I can opt for a bigger size to get more coverage and adjust the straps as needed. Perfection.


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