The 16 Best Swimsuit Brands You Can Buy This Season, According to Our Editors

I'm constantly chatting with Who What Wear's editors to get their takes on the coolest fashion trends of the moment and the brands they're most excited about. After all, it's our jobs to know what's happening in fashion—what's cool and what's about to be cool—and my fellow editors are always introducing me to new labels that weren't on my radar before.

With the warmer weather upon us, I've been tapping them to find out which swimsuit brands they're excited about and the ones that they think will define fashion for the season ahead. Here, they're highlighting the best swimsuit brands to know about this season. From the designer tapping into the trends that everyone is talking about to their go-to brands for affordable finds, these are their favorites. Go on to shop their picks and see which cool swimwear labels made it onto my shortlist.

Best swimsuit brands according to editors: Maiyo and oséree

1. Monday Swimwear

Founded by bikini experts Devin Brugman and Tash Oakley, Monday Swimwear is a brand I simply can't get enough of. With a just-launched collection packed with ultra-high-rise bottoms and retro-inspired tops, this is exactly what I'll be wearing next time I'm at the beach.

Shop the matching Isla Mujeres Bottoms ($77).

2. Oséree

Oséree has a wide collection of swimsuits, but I absolutely love pieces from its signature Lumière collection that are made from Lurex and have a glistening effect.

Best bikini brands according to editors: solid and striped and leslie amon

3. Solid&Striped

"I'm always impressed by how Solid&Striped popularizes a lot of the swim trends we see on Instagram. It was early with the belted swim trend and played a huge hand in the scarf bandeau style we're seeing now."

4. Leslie Amon

"Leslie Amon suits have impeccable quality and a design POV that I find truly unique."

Best swimsuit brands according to editors: Missoni and Triangl

5. Missoni

"I think we can all agree that Missoni swimwear is iconic."

6. Triangl

"I love Triangl because it has literally any swim trend you're looking for at an affordable price."

Best bikini brands according to editors: Hunza G and Faithfull the Brand

7. Hunza G

"In all honesty, one reason I love Hunza G pieces is that you don't need to figure out which size to order. They're very stretchy, so one size fits XS to L. Plus, they're timeless and chic."

8. Faithfull the Brand

"Just like its clothes, Faithfull the Brand's swimwear has the prettiest prints and most flattering cuts."

Shop the matching Nomi Bikini Bottoms ($85).

Best bikini brands according to editors: Onia and Lonely Label

9. Onia

"I am a sucker for Onia swimsuits. They are insanely flattering, don't awkwardly dig into your body, and have fun and unique designs."

10. Reina Olga

"Reina Olga always keeps things fresh with exciting retro prints and styles you'll get tons of compliments on."

Best swimsuit brands according to editors: Myra and Ookioh

11. MyraSwim

"Normally, I have to choose between a 'cute' swimsuit and one that I can actually swim in, but that's not the case with Myra, which has insanely comfortable suits that are designed without any hardware or boning. Oh, and they're all timeless and classic options."

12. Ookioh

"I'm turning to Ookioh for my trendier swimsuits this summer since they're stocking the retro, underwire bikini trend I'm so here for."

Shop the matching Amalfi Bikini Bottoms ($49).

Best bikini brands according to editors: Rixo and H&M

13. Rixo

"Rixo might be better known for its striking print dresses, but its small but seriously chic selection of swimsuits is absolutely stunning. I have this in my cart right now."

14. H&M

"This might surprise you, but H&M has a really great selection of swimwear that looks way more expensive than it is."

Best bikini brands according to editors: Verdelimón and Lululemon

15. Verde Limón

"Verde Limón is a Colombian brand that makes colorful, cheery swimsuits that are practically begging to be Instagrammed."

16. Lululemon

"In my opinion, Lululemon's swim selection is underrated. I've found that the tops are very flattering and the bottoms stay in place, and that's pretty much all I ask for. (Remember when I ocean-tested the suit? Spoiler: It passed with flying colors.)"

Shop more swimsuits:

Good American has such a great selection of swimwear.

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