The 24 Pedicure Colors We're Going to Try This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and that means sandal season, which also means it's prime pedicure season. You probably have your go-to colors already, but why not branch out a bit this year? After all, summer is *the* season to step out of your comfort zone and shake things up. Think bold, look-at-me hues, like cherry red, aquatic blue, and shocking shades of neon.

Yep, it's official. We're not messing around when it comes to our pedicures this season. Keep scrolling to see the top pedicure colors we're going to keep on rotation all summer long. Just know that this list might inspire a spontaneous salon appointment or a nail polish shopping spree (don't say we didn't warn you). 

1. Spicy Red

Red is a year-round kind of color, but there's just something about a bright, red-hot polish in the summer. It's daring, spicy, and statement-making. Talk about some oomph!

2. Simmering Orange

Now's your chance to get those pretty summer sunset colors on your toes. I mean, this wouldn't be a summer nail polish list without including orange options. The shade variations are endless, but we're partial to bold and shimmering shades.

3. Aquatic Blue

In the winter season, you might gravitate towards navy or midnight blue, but in the summer, why not look to the other end of the spectrum? I'm talking aqua, turquoise, and sky blue. If you can't be near the ocean all summer long, you can keep some watery shades on your toes.

4. Bright Neon

Summer is such a carefree and fun time, so that's why neon-colored polishes deserve some love right now. It's the perfect opportunity to do so with some shocking and bold hues, like lime green and fluorescent yellow.

5. Sugary Pink

Pink is another one of those classic polish colors that works for any season, but I like to use the summer months to go all-in on shades of watermelon, hot pink, and bright magenta. Whenever I have pink on my toes, I feel a little flirty and sassy.

6. Crisp White

You can't go wrong with a white polish—talk about a summer staple. It feels so fresh and crisp, especially when you choose a shade that's super opaque.

7. '80s-Inspired Purple

A bright purple can be so pretty paired with your favorite sandals. We're partial to a bold, '80s-inspired hue, which has been trending in beauty and fashion.

8. Warm Neutrals

If you want to take a break between the bold hues, or it's just not your style to have such saturated colors on your toes, you can always reach for classic neutrals. They're always flattering and might even let your cute shoes do the talking. In the summer, we recommend ones with warm undertones to mimic the sand.